Me and my sister were talking the other day about our journey with healing our bodies from hypothyroidism severe anxiety stress addictions emotional eating adrenal fatigue getting off 15+ years of medications with plant food

I said to her “because I feel so amazing in my body now, sometimes I find it hard to go back to that time of pain and suffering, because now it feels like it was never a thing, as my body has healed and regenerated itself”

she agreed. 

yet when we were deep in our suffering, it seemed like an endless dark abyss sucking us in deeper and deeper, both looking for that light at the so called end of the tunnel

that light, turned out to be plant food medicine, it saved us both, and it’s also saved so many of the women I’ve worked with from toxic medication have their wombs removed gaining more weight staying stuck

I want you to know darling sister, that what has been possible for me and my sister, and the woman I have supported, is also possible for you

we are all worthy 

of feeling our best 

I remember always thinking it was the being super slim looking perfect that I wanted, I found out it wasn’t, what I truly wanted, was to feel at peace with who I was, to love myself, to feel clear energised inspired, on purpose 

but I had to do the healing work on my body with detox and nutrition to understand this, I shifted my awareness to a deeper sense of taking care of myself, to come home to true self-love 

I learnt I need a lot of love and care to function well in this world, and by that I mean self-love self-care, and so that suffering was my initiation and my sisters initiation into truly remembering how to love ourselves, and practice it daily, until it’s embodied 

the feeling, is everything, and whatever you want to feel, how you want to look, the women you dream to full embody, she’s in you right now, she’s ready right now, she’s excited and wants to arise now 

will you let her arise, become and blossom now, or keep holding her back, we must learn to let go to let god to let our truth bloom through us into life 

You can do it love!!

I’ve got you❤️

Arianna aka Health Goddess🌹