The power of inner transformation and self-honesty, I may look lovely in both, but I didn’t feel lovely at all, the photo of me on the left is me in Hawaii getting in my morning pick me up coffee 3 years ago, even the pout of my lips shows my displeasure in myself

I was exhausted foggy stressed unclear so many cravings felt so emotional sluggish, I hadn’t cleaned my body, I had just been adding stuff in, decades of waste making me feel this way and crave the coffee sugar stimulants fat 

So I got really honest with myself; no more suppressing ANYTHING. 

what I thought was healthy was so far off!

what I thought was feeling good was totally not! what I thought was eating healthy was not!

what I had been doing was settling for ok good yeah I’m fine, pushing my true feelings under the carpet … hoping they would just disappear …

so I inquired deeper into my body into food into detox into parasites into acidic/alkaline balance.

It was time to change!

No wonder I felt like crap, telling myself I was ok, when I really wasn’t, I was full of parasites mucus acidic tissue and old suppressed emotions

let’s not forget – this body is an ecosystem, when it moves out of harmony with nature – so do you

there is so little talk on all this obstruction, instead there’s a lot of bandaids going on out there, telling you you can feel amazing healthy happy by just eating more good food or eating less junk, taking a supplement

what about the cleaning physical waste? 

what about clearing the emotional suppression? 

when we remove release reset regenerate, 

you remember who you are, you are home, self-respect is embodied self-love is embodied 

there is no bypassing the physical clearing of the body if you want to know who you are at your core if you want to feel at home inside yourself if you want true clarity and freedom in your body, this is the core of ALL areas of LIFE, your inner world determines your outer, the body is EVERYTHING

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Love you!❤️