the mangos spoke to me today☺️

I went into a supermarket, something I very rarely do anymore because of it’s low vibration, all that plastic packaging everywhere, suffocating our precious plants, so much processed crap and food not meant for humans – souls – pure light sovereign beings 💖

I was listening to these precious mangos saying “get me out of here, get me to your high vibe energy”

Yes fruit veggies herbs they all have their own consciousness, so sweet in there nature, they just want to love us nourish us heal us,

a portal to our healthiest most blissful life is one lived on fruits greens mucus-free veggies and herbs, as it carries no obstruction into our body

Once this consciousness merges with our consciousness it raises our vibration,
and it’s from this higher vibrational place
we heal

I see how my connection to this bountiful medicine is deepening, this melon I hold is not just a melon, and this is not just the inside of a melon,

Beautiful, this, is the inside of our universe our cosmos, a deepening into 5D and beyond to the other realms and dimensions that we are a part of,

out of the illusion
into love and wellbeing
where we are all from,

this melon holds gold for healing;
it’s highly astringent qualities
rich in natural vitamin C
one of our most powerful cleansing high water content fruits ever
one of our most potent detoxifies (one of the reasons I chose Ibiza as my first Body Awakening locations, because of THESE melons, they are some of the highest quality richest healing in the world!!)

I can feel the consciousness of this fruit,
I feel it’s sweet nectar caressing the body with its powerful love,
healing its ever cell,
Pure love,

I often sing talk and speak loving words of affirmation whilst I prepare my food, makes it even more delicious
and heals even deeper!

I learnt that the spoken word with love from the healing heart to high water content food, fruits veggies juices, activates the codes within these plant foods
to serve us at an even higher frequency

I feel my heart open more
I feel my throat chakra awaken even more
I feel the ultimate truth of nature to set the body free from all symptoms
I feel hormones align and communication perfection within the body

Everything is alive living conscious – on some level.

We get to chose at what level we want to play at in this body.

I choose the highest vibration possible,

what are you choosing?

Plant foods specifically mucus free plant foods unlock our highest truth of healing and bliss, and higher levels of potentiality to live gracefully, peacefully, from the inside out, back to your sacred birthright of liberation in this body

Awakening to our truth
of living Nirvana.

Today’s mantra 💚

I adore you sweet plants of great wisdom and I invite you to come play in my body and heal me with your love

Arianna x

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