The Mucus Body The Uric Acid Body

There are so many theories out there, having tried so many and not seen the results I wanted, I continued to delve deeper,

A theory I have found to be the most powerful, healing and giving in it’s amazing body transforming results is looking at these two different body types

Uric acid

I live teach and guide others through this process, it’s here I’ve seen a solid foundation of health being built and created

Mucus body type is those who tend to carry excess weight, often way over their their ideal weight, the body stores mucus in the tissue and fat builds as mucus fills out the body from the inside,

Uric acid type (this is me) we are the leaner ones, we tend to loss weight very easily on detox, and can eat lots and not put on a huge amount of weight, here the body breaks down foods and toxicity into more chemically toxic substances creating a highly acidic environment

Both body types will have mucus and uric acid build-up, but one will dominate more

So which body type are you?

Both mucus and uric acid leads to dis-ease throughout the body, systemic ill-health, weight gain body pain thyroid issues anxiety exhaustion stress cravings hair loss skin issues – it’s all always systemic – a body that is clogged up with mucus and toxic acids is throughout the whole body,

Every system is connected and why when we focus on core systems we can heal the entire body of anything

By using body that is very low in mucus production or is zero mucus forming, the best foods are- fruits vegetables millet spelt quinoa dried fruit herbs green leafy’s coconut seeds juice seaweeds

It’s about learning to use food to cleanse and eliminate mucus and acid and support daily detoxification pathways so the body doesn’t just keep building up this waste at a cellular level, but actually has the tools and support to keep the lymphatic system and kidneys moving,
my clients are always so amazed at how much BS we have been feed and how easy amazing and healing food CAN be

Food is our freedom – not our battle,

I know it may not seem this way at times,
but honestly,
food CAN be easy
it is beyond PLEASURE when used in this way I talk about here
it IS so uplifting
as the emotional attachments cravings stress ALL go

I love food way to much to make it hard or a chore, we drop into the rhythms of nature, and here I’ve created a way of eating-living that just keeps
giving supporting nourishing Awakening
more truth more ease more happiness more purpose more bliss more freedom

Understanding your body type like I’ve discussed here and using food to activate the body, to eliminate cellular waste and regenerate,
can shift the body into a beautiful place of healing and liberation

Let food heal you
Let food love you
Let food caress you
Let food kiss your sweet body

It’s a shift. A new perspective that can shift your body into bliss. and make life feel easy, awakening so much creativity, clarity, peace, calm, lightness, presence and awareness,

We heal our life
When we heal our cellular health
It’s all interconnected,