The medicine I share is awareness,

this is what has allowed me to heal so deeply from such physical pain, and dis-ability to
see my soul,
I hide from her for so long, under the alcohol, the caffeine, the animal fat oil creamy stimulating products,
I smothered myself in thick toxin food substances to dim my flame within, them I came to a moment in my life,
where it was more painful not to show my light, to stand in grace, and to embody who I am, the excuses rolled out day upon day month upon month year upon year, hiding away, to pretend I couldn’t feel or hear the calling, then I collapsed inside,
to the longing to belong, to embody my truth as the sacred Goddess/Priestess, I knew lived within, but I was to scared to be, and I know you feel her too, but under all the food cravings emotional eating excess weight exhaustion anxiety,
the excuses the hiding the toxicity she becomes separated, and why we feel a
dis-connect, it’s time to come home now to the soul, to shed those layers and reveal the light, because I know you can feel this, you are killing yourself in not listening.

Stop the tired worn out excuses now Beautiful, and return to your soul, to all of your truth, to your true self,
the self you came here to really embody.

Let go
Come home
You are safe now Love 💜

Arianna x

Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert –

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