THE GREATEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME … was finding out I was sexually abused at 6

This may sound crazy, to some it will,
it has truly been the biggest awakening of my life, and my greatest liberation to #RISE

I do not share this for pity or poor me,
I share for other women to see beyond the vile of the imprints that are controlling so many lives- eating habits actions behaviors thoughts, dis-ease

I speak up because I love you Sister, and the devotion I have within me, is for us all to be free! #togetherwerise

I wondered for so so long,
why nothing ever seem to really shift for me,
why I kept repeating the same patterns,
why I found receiving so hard
why I abused food so much
why I never felt safe or supported
why I lived so many years out of integrity with my true self
why I did SO much healing and recalibrating, but still a lot stayed the same,

what we leave in the dark, controls us,
without us even knowing,
and …
where we open our wounds,
the light can enter us,
a wound so deep,
so deep into the innocence of a pure soul a child a divine being,
the life force the force of all creation had been suppressed for decades …

…the emotional eating, the anorexia, the Hypothyroidism, the severe nervous system Imbalances – severe social anxiety and hormonal chaos, my body was an acidic mess full of trauma and imprints, with a structure I had built round myself to protect myself, which blocked everything even more …

Our greatest struggles hold our greatest gifts, it’s not for the faint of heart, it takes boldness courage honesty and ….

saying YES to your soul
saying YES to your freedom

Here is our greatest liberation, awakening,
on a planetary level!

What I learn’t is that if we truly want to transform, we have to be prepared to dig deep and then, get still quiet and listen,
do the unusual, go against the grain, leave the mainstream, awaken OUT of the system,

…when we know the source the core the root … Here, we can shine our sacred divine light on it, witness it, learn our lessons, because we chose it all,
for our own great awakening true self awakening, to forgive, find gratitude for the lessons, and in doing so, along with all the physical embodiment work, and cellular purification,
we learn to let go, and to remember our flow our passion our pleasure our divinity our sovereignty our regal-nature,

From here, euphoria is birthed
and a whole new life in this body awaits …
here we dance we release we love we kiss we feel … we surrender,

we see clearly once again …
we come home …
to our heart …
alive in our soul …

and the beauty is, it’s a choice we all have,
to do our deep healing work, or not,
I’m not saying by any means it’s easy,
but it’s simple,
to choose,

with deep gentleness love compassion in our hearts, we can rise through it all, and transform into the embodiment of our higher self … she is waiting for you to say yes,
Yes to you Beloved Sister!

What is possible for us, is truly limitless🔥

Do you choose your liberation your divinity your sacred embodiment in this human vessel of light?

Are you ready to heal love?🌹

Love & Light
Rise Sister!

Arianna x

#risingfeminine #embodiment #sisterhood

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