It’s your body saying there’s toxicity in the inner terrain of the body scape …
just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there, out of sight is not out of mind, because
you can feel the stagnation toxicity in your head and mind (your mind is in every cell of your

…the brain fog confusion scattered mind negative thoughts …

Do you medicate the water, or change the water?

Why would anyone say to add more toxicity into an already toxic body, NO, change the water …
change the terrain … here you heal��

Do you have 3 or more of these symptoms …

Weight loss – Uric acid body type, Weight gain – mucus body type, Hair loss, Exhaustion, Racing
mind, Repetitive Negative thoughts, Gurgling, Wind, Waking up with a dodgy gut, nausea,
Anxiety, Emotional Highs/lows, Scattered, Ungrounded, Sharp stabbing pains in the gut,
Out of body, Burping, Headaches, Tight jaw, itchy gums, Eye floaters

I am not one to focus on symptoms as it’s surface, but so you can understand why you are
feeling these, and take back your power … it’s simply a polluted body, change the water heal
the body … transform the inner environment and you will transform your body

diets supplements detox cleansed herbs so much healing plant medicine acupuncture yoga
meditation, and are still you are struggling with finding true health … I’ve been here too, and I
know how to get out of this place��

3 steps to Health Freedom, hormone harmony and a light clear energised YOU,
��Alkalize – with alkaline plant foods to shift your pH to an alkaline dominant body so you ca
start to heal, healing does not and can not happen whilst eating acidic foods
��Remove – the pollution and obstruction, cellular cleanse and eliminate process to reset you
hormones and whole being
��Regenerate – using plant food transition and herbs to rejuvenate and here you will reclaim ful
health freedom confidence and happiness in your body

And if you need help, just ask.
Arianna ♥️