I got real about the impact my hormone health was having on my life.

Ignored for so long, misunderstood, forgotten, not even really known

I thought I did know, I thought I did understand, I had to humble myself

I didn’t know, after 5 years of deep health studies, still struggling

this pain in my body, stress craving frustrated heaviness, 

called me to inquire deeper

called me to ask more questions, to not settle for feeling like shit, 

and making it normal

everywhere I turned woman were struggling with their hormones; pms pain skin problems weight gain/fluctuations, emotions unstable, caffeine sugar daily (I was also there)

but we’re doing the ‘so called’ healthy eating thing, so what’s up here Beautiful?

THIS to start …

firstly, the food industry, 

it’s been a massive acidic program to keep our hormones sick, depleted and struggling

I see our hormones as our key to inner-outer communication, they are needed healthy for our nervous system to process the stimuli so to access deeper states of awareness and freedom, and shift unhealthy habits to healthy supportive ones 

Secondly, the medical industry, 

It’s been adding chaos to the mix through toxic chemicals, messing with hormone health, through HRT OCP smear tests mammograms 

Both could be otherwise none as, The Keep You Sick Industries.

We are not here for this. YOU ARE YOUR OWN HEALER darling Woman.

True healthCARE began when I stopped following stuff out there, because out there was a mirror of in-my-body, what was it telling me? what was the realisation here?

I had to stop hiding under all the lies shame loathing, I accessed deep remembrance

you are the KEY, YOU ARE THE ANSWER, you always have been my love

you have to go into your own body, and clear the way within your own body, to see clearing what’s going on with the food show, the medical show, it’s all a show, projected out from this body temple

I stopped blaming anything out there for my hormonal mess

POWER awakened, I am in charge here, I get to be the empowered woman, WE ALL DO!

but SEE it, then you can move beyond it’s illusion. 

this is the golden ticket to truth.

nature called me home, 

the plants called me to detox,

the herbs called me to regenerate, 

the superfoods to rebuild, 

the cells that you are made of, trillions

are calling you home to be cleaned

Clean cells, cellular certainty – lives in you as you 

Clear mind, purified heart – peaceful you 

Cleansed body, 

…the empowered expressed woman wakes up out of her much needed slumber

TO remember HER POWER to reclaim her freedom, her SPIRIT, to heal herself fully through Self-Love, to drop the nonsense distractions, 

and say YES 

to HOW important 


as she reclaims this level of YES to herself, this level of permission to LIVE wildly alive in her feminine body of pleasure and beauty

that woman, no longer ums or r’s her life her happiness her freedom

she simply beautifully gracefully 

gently gets on with it, 

and gets the results she’s always wanted!

the PLANT foods are calling you x

Do you hear their call?

(I do, clairaudient here, I talk often to the plants, such gentle loving consciousness they hold, to support you all the way home to happy harmonised thriving hormones, FREEDOM!)

*The Body Awakening Method is what brought me home to full hormonal health and freedom in this feminine body, and I know it can do the same for any woman open to something different, not difficult, just liberatingly different❤️

I just knew there was more, and I found it Beauty!

Arianna🌿Health Goddess

Women’s Health Specialist

Founder, TBAR Method