Today I want to speak to this piece around;

  1. Restriction, and what it really means
  2. Elimination, and what it really means on this journey home to lasting body peace and vibrant health 

We think if, ‘I can’t eat whatever I want whenever I want, I’m being restricted’, or ‘if I can only eat certain foods, then I feel restricted’

Ok, new perspective on this for you Beauty;

🫐firstly, being able to eat all foods, is not freedom, or easier, or more comfortable, as many of those so called foods are not even real food and are highly dis-ease forming as they are acidic (paleo keto diets!)

🥬secondly, eating whatever whenever you absolutely can, because when the body is truly cleansed and detoxed the body will REALLY tell you what it wants to eat, as there’s no inner toxins interfering with your food choices, so HERE it gets super easy healthy free and flexible, aJOY it is!

When it comes to elimination, there’s plenty of ridiculous claims that I followed for too long and got even sicker and more blocked up and more tired and foggy

💭you hear; ‘lots of animal protein is fine, but no grains’ ‘eliminate all fruit it’s too sweet but eat shit loads of animal fat and dairy’, ‘oh stay clear of all gluten, and eat gluten free subs, that are full of crap’ wtf, really! 

when you honestly feel this in your body, I mean, it’s off …

So the piece to take-away contemplate feel into here is; “how are you looking at restriction and elimination?” Is it holding you back? what if you decided to see it through new eyes and turn it into the freedom ticket you’re seeking – the ticket to your birthright of body peace and food liberation

What makes you feel restricted when it comes to nutritional change?

What do you find hardest to eliminate, or lessen, but KNOW it’s something you need to do for your well-being?

freedom through shifting perspective with The Body Awakening Method, it’s all so effortless, we transition with ease and flow, we cleanse and detox cell deep where you get life changing and permanent results, we set a sustainable foundation so you’re set up to live your healthiest happiest most peaceful life in your sacred glowing skin, that you remember how to truly love and respect again!

I got you!🌹

Arianna x

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