2 nights ago I got locked in Kensington gardens, due to CV they now close early🙃
there were 2 other people that got locked in too,

Ofcourse I am not staying in the gardens all night, there’s always a way out,
a solution, there where many different ways we could have tried, many of which my intuition said no to

I chose the easier shorter quicker way over the iron gates🥳, the other ladies wanted to walk another 15-20 minutes to try and get out a different way,

I chose a 3 minute walk, pulled up my dress (luckily I had leggings underneath) tucked my leggings inside my dress and gracefully styled the gate, done,
I was out!😅

Often the easy way may seem a bit wild, even like the hard way, not safe to our old survival brain, so it keeps us struggling, doing it the hard and long way,
wild wise and free I say! (I have this engraved on my moonstone ring from Bali🙌🏻)

Do we let ourselves be controlled,
or take control of what we can …

Why am I telling you this story,
there’s always a solution
we are never trapped in this body
there is always an easier way out

there’ll always be many different directions you can take to lose weight
heal your thyroid heal your body get off medication be healthy eat healthy

Unfortunately not all those ways will necessarily work, and it may take you a long while to find out it’s not going to work, this is part of the hard way

I took the hard way too …
all the fad diets daily exercise hours in the kitchen cooking, always worrying ‘is my body getting what it needs everyday?’ wasting money on the wrong supplements and private testing,
this is also the hard way

The easy way was revealed to me once I decided to not follow everyone else and do it differently, just like in the park,
I listened to my inner guidance and what felt right for me, I didn’t just follow the others, no I tuned into me, my feeling, trusting what I felt, where I was called,
and the fastest way was revealed

Do it differently and get different results,
if we want that true solution it means not following mainstream health, all the fad diets or exercise hype, and being the Goddess that walks her path and frees herself to live her healthiest happiest life in a body she loves

there’s always a way
there’s always a solution
but we have to listen trust,
and then act on it

Have you been listening and trusting your calling to heal?


Arianna x
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