The power of letting go dear one, into the endless wonder of you, into the endless possibility of your body that resides in complete beauty of your becoming

Beyond all fear into love, into the sacredness of your being, because gorgeous you KNOW you get to feel better than you are right now

All the carvings emotions body pain is all just showing you a way out of the struggle into the serenity that awakens from your healthy alive 

To let go into being more you to let go into being more of your magic more of your creativity more of the love you are made of

Those hormones those emotions the food addictions are the initiation into a place of freedom that lives inside you right now 

The body is showing you your way to peace happiness limitlessness of your heart, the courage to say YES TO YOUR SOUL

Living from your flow state where the outer world no longer has you tripping over the illusion, but takes you into the wonder of truth

I now live from this flow state every day, as I chose to go beyond the thinking mind into truth in this body of ease effortlessness of love

Your body is giving you the answers, are you listening to her sweet voice of surrender of the feminine of the beauty crystallising in you

Illumination of your true-Self is beyond the excuses the fears the worries of what if, into complete trust complete relaxation

I KNOW you know, that wisdom in your womb runs deep as the roots of mama earth, calling you home, do you hear her call, do you answer her call, are you ready now to go beyond?

❤️be with, the love in your heart, and listen❤️


Arianna x


PS.  Photo taken at my Body Awakening Workshops at Bisma Eight Ubud, Bali💕