Yesterday for the second time I had the clearest downloads about healing the thyroid, which means we get to heal weight exhaustion low brain function cravings mstress and toxicity

this body, this piece of incredible technology we must protect
from the external toxins

it’s about clearing out the lower energy centres which directly means working on the purification of the gut intestines colon toxicity,
physically and energetically
and from here
there’s thyroid healing,

we get to feel true Body gratitude in the heart, gratitude energy is a big part of healing the thyroid, as it impacts our decisions and our decisions impact our results around our body,

our pineal gland
the last of the endocrine glands to be discovered is our centre of activation
for anti-stress anti-age anti-cancer anti-neurodegenerative anti-inflammatory –
and deep repair and regeneration,

Shifting the heaviness in our gut intestines colon stomach to move energy up through the heart throat gets to awaken more of the healing power of the pineal gland also,
which supports our nervous system sleep and happiness

stay at a pseudo-physical level,
of testing synthetic vitamins minerals medication – externally seeking,

we don’t heal here, the vibration is too low for our high vibe light bodies,
we have to go deeper to the root cause,
where the imbalance began

the deeper we go
the higher we rise

its with the opening of the heart we can feel the frequency of gratitude and heal the thyroid and body through gratitude of food,
as we learn to respect making the highest choices for our body

You are naturally a high frequency,

we can reclaim this frequency by physically emotionally and energetically cleansing out toxicity

I couldn’t feel the frequency of true gratitude for so long as I had closed my heart,
my lower energy centres had taken over my life
programmed for survival,
when our true nature

is to thrive

feeling gratitude
really feeling it
we awaken more love
we open up our life to the richness of creation beauty abundance and opportunities that are of the highest vibration of love
our highest truth
this all connects

to our thyroid frequency
the frequency of truth

Gratitude is the language of the heart that is expressed through the throat chakra,

❤️Practise breathing into your heart and seeing feeling visualising it open, feel it, do this in nature, pure love vibration, you are safe to feel this love inside you, cultivate it, tap into it daily, feel yourself trust again❤️

So what I’ve been told is that it’s about opening the heart more to awaken more truth in our being and life, this all impacts our thyroid, and us living at our highest frequency of wellbeing

the symptom is never the problem,

we have to go to the core of the imbalance beyond the label – to the root cause,

Healthy endocrine glands means
vibrant hormones a healed thyroid and open heart, higher states of consciousness and a more awakened body and peaceful mind

we can heal the epidemic of thyroid disease on our planet
and it all starts
with us tapping into our hearts

know you are safe to open it
feel it – be with it – breath it in

Breath deep
Release that karma

Let’s come back to our body
back to the power that resides within you right now and tap into your body and activate its awakening
its heart energy

Fruit fasting is a massive heart opening medicine, healer for our endocrine glands and entire body, and will transform all imbalance into health love and freedom

I always start every day after breaking my daily dry fast with pure fresh fruit juice and fruit, it’s instant heart medicine of the highest vibration 🍇💖🍇

I choose to be deeply grateful for my body and the plants, and their joint healing power!

What do you choose to be grateful for today? Comment below x


Arianna x

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