the Body loves to purge
so if we stop it or don’t support its release all that stuff it wants to get out,
builds up and creates symptoms

this is so empowering
you get to be in control of your health
no one prodding us
telling us we need medication
or surgery or vaccinations
telling us we have a disease

we don’t
we have obstruction
in our weakest body parts

and for so many of us this weak spot
is within our endocrine glands and digestive system,
its been my area of healing too,
two systems strongly linked to the thyroid,

We get to decide whether we heal or not
it’s not up to anyone else, but YOU
the body heals itself
so all we have to do is give it what it needs to do it’s job, what it was bought here to do

a system that is designed to cleanse itself perfectly if we eat the foods it needs and thrives off

We live in a highly intelligent vessel
and this vessel needs high vibrational plant foods to heal itself
the cleaner our body gets
the more information it can take up from the plant foods

Plant foods hold codes
and these codes
some of which are very high frequency!
can only be utilized by the body at a cell level, if the cells are clean #cellualrdetox

Our endocrine system; thyroid adrenals pituitary pineal pancreas ovaries and testis, are the path to resetting our whole-body emotions habits life and entire planet –
the path to higher states of consciousness BEingness and living in ultimate-well-being, our hormones are the backbone to this path

the physical body wants food that is supporting its elimination pathways
to heal itself, from here it will do the work for us!

ALL dis-ease …
Weight gain
Digestive imbalances
Hormonal imbalances

…they are all a result of obstruction in the body, mucus parasites fungus acid stones sulfur, which we have the power to remove via #cellualrdetox, and to allow the body to heal

detoxification is a lifestyle,
it’s a living breathing transforming awakening experience
that we need to thrive and heal
day to day
to feel your best!

here the body can heal itself
and continue to support you
at your highest level

I continue to clean my body and it amazes me how more sulfur parasites mucus stones are released, but of course, it’s decades of waste,
It feels so good to release this stuff,
lighter clearer brighter freer

Just imagine,
a body free of all this waste
it’s living bliss
it’s paradise
and this is what we are all here for.

It’s time for the BLISS you were bought here for.

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Always remember,
You’re body can heal

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