The Body Awakening Ibiza June 2022


The Body Awakening Ibiza June 2022


The Body Awakening Ibiza June 2022


The Body Awakening Ibiza June 2022


Remove ~ Rebuild ~ Revitalise ~ Rejuvenate ~ Recharge ~ Reawaken


 …this will be a journey into radical unconditional Self-love

…where theres no rules, the heart doesn’t do rules, here is true freedom,

only TRUTH matters

Discover The Exact Same Body-Transforming Method I’ve Used To Shift 35Ibs Of Excess Weight, Sluggishness, Exhaustion, Body Aches & Pains, Cravings Stress & Chaotic Hormones, Naturally & Permanently!

AND Get Radical Health Transformation In ONLY 7 Days!

Reclaim your power to thrive in your precious body temple!



Why Struggle For Years Trying To Work It All Out Alone, When You Can Follow A Proven Path, One That I’ll Tailor-Make To Your Body, & Your Specific Health Needs, Challenges & Body Type.

No matter what your physical condition, no matter how much willpower you believe you do or don’t have, YOU CAN transform your body, look vibrant, and install longevity on all levels of your being by what we’ll share with you here at The Body Awakening Ibiza.

Have you ever wondered WHY what you used to do that got results for you, or what you might be trying now, isn’t working?

I’m sorry to say it wont work…But I promise you there is a way, and I’ll share it with you here today. I want to be transparent with you, you have to go beyond the. industry claims, you gotta go quantum Beauty! 

Everyone tells you what you need to put in your body – food, supplements, water, juice, exercise, superfoods…

Without the removal of your internal obstruction, the body CAN’T and WONT absorb what it needs for you to heal, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so you end up NOT getting the permanent results you want, from the food, supplements, alternative therapies, or exercise.

To get your new permanent of an aligned, healthy, happy and fit body, the obstruction must be eliminated, and theres only one way to do it properly.

If I’d known this from the start, I would have saved so much time and money, and avoided SO much unnecessary struggle! … this is why I’m sharing this with you now.

This is why what used to work, won’t work, because EVEN MORE obstruction has been added to the mix till now, your body is overloaded, confused and overwhelmed, just like you may feel with it all – and unless you are focusing on the ROOT CAUSE of obstruction in your body,

NOTHING will change

Focus on the ROOT and freedom prevails.

Not clearing the obstruction in my own body cost me my progress in life, passion for life, happiness, HALF my head of hair, gaining 20Ibs of weight, my energy, self-esteem, and I had big relationship issues, which were deeply connected to every layer of me, especially my emotions, it brought my whole life to a stand still.

How did this happen? …I spent so many years just adding more food into the mix, supplements, exercise, therapies, but NEVER addressing the real ROOT cause in my body, everything just built up, until enough was enough, I went on my mission to investigate into the body at a whole other level, where everything is connected; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and I came to a core conclusion – that all ill-health is down to 2 things – the misalignment and unintegration of emotional and energetic states which connect deeply to the obstruction in your body, and unless this is addressed, no permanent healing occurs, just temporary, so it’ll keep coming back – this was my story and I know the story of so many.

How is your obstruction showing up?

Hair loss, excess weight, body pain, emotional ups & downs, sluggishness, sugar cravings, infections, exhaustion, chaotic hormones…

So the cost is your life, health, happiness, joy … if you don’t remove the obstruction, the obstruction will obstruct your life and health desires FOREVER.

It’s ONLY the removal of whats obstructing your healing, that will FREE YOU from your health struggles.

It’s here you MUST GO, to bring COMPLETE alignment and vibrant energy back to YOU and your BODY.


Sound familiar…? 
A HUGE part of healing your body is being missed EVERYTIME…

“WHAT is obstructing your body from healing?” ~ this is the KEY to unlock your alignment of TRUE vibrant health.

Without removing the obstruction – the right diet, taking your supplements, doing your daily exercise, having some healing … Wont get you the results you deserve and desire!

IT’S ABOUT THE OBSTRUCTION INSIDE YOU, this is the missing piece to achieving the results you desire.

The obstruction in your body is at DNA level, grinding your healing to a HALT, because the cause STILL hasn’t been removed. What REALLY needs to be removed, ISN’T EVEN being touched with the methods you’ve been told to use by your doctor, got from books, or got off the internet.

I promise you, there is an easier way, but firstly…

The cost of NOT removing the internal obstruction is HUGE, and my journey is proof of this,

I exercised most days, was having my juices, doing yoga, getting into nature, taking my supplements, eating healthy …but STILL I struggled with sluggishness, exhaustion, weight issues, lack of vibrancy, and finding the motivation I SO craved to put into more of life.

My system was totally overloaded with hidden obstruction presenting as symptoms of exhaustion, emotional ups and downs, weight issues, imbalanced hormones, hair loss, anxiety, lack of radiance, can you relate to this?

Could your body be overloaded with hidden obstruction too?

And it doesn’t stop there, if the body is ignored, symptoms grow… Obstruction at a cellular level must and can be removed with the correct process, in a supportive environment, with guidance.

I ended up with a tired and damaged thyroid, my centre of communication for my whole body was shutting down affecting every part of me and my life, then autoimmune dis-ease set in, which can lead to brain function failing, heart problems, alzheimer’s, more chronic dis-ease, and even some forms of hormonal cancer; a situation being seen world-wide right now, especially in women.

This is to show what can happen ~ if you ignore the voice of your body.

…and this is EXACTLY why your doctor, or someone who hasn’t been through this themselves, Is NOT QUALIFIED to help you!

AND why medication can never heal your body, because its adding to your obstruction, and keeping you stuck.

Gorgeous, there is an easier way through all this...

Discover The Proven Results You Can Achieve If You Join Us

There is a simple path to embodying your INNATE state of perfect health and vibrant energy- shiny hair, clear eyes, a healthy fit body and radiant confidence – The LOT!!

You are born to THRIVE in your BODY and it’s never too late to get the health you DESERVE and body you DESIRE. I know that may seem hard to believe, but you’re actually closer than you think.

I’m Arianna Aunon, an award winning specialist in women’s health and a qualified nutritionist, the founder of, and The Body Awakening Method.

I specialise in working with women who are suffering from chronic hormonal imbalances, such as thyroid issues, autoimmune and brain dysfunction, and women & female leaders wanting to put their energy into their passions and dreams, NOT their symptoms – like exhaustion, brain fog, weight issues, stress and sluggishness, by using a variety of natural methods that heal the root cause of dis-ease and obstruction, which is holding you back from living your most awakened and best life.

Our vision is for women to know they can heal themselves of anything, and live at a totally new vibration, empowering women with the tools, wisdom, knowledge and support to do so.

Imagine… getting into your favourite clothes and feeling so vibrant and sexy as you get dressed.

Imagine… waking up and not being obsessed about your morning caffeine because your natural energy is so strong, and having the energy and desire for your exercise and morning movement, and having mental clarity that allows you to focus deeply, so you’re able to get way more done in a shorter time frame.

Imagine… lighting up the room when you walk in because you are literally GLOWING!

I’m so excited to take you on a journey that will transform your body, energy and your mindset around food, and your health and exercise for the rest of your lifetime, so that you can fully realise your potential and live your dreams WIDE AWAKE in a body that is ALIGNED and ready for anything.

Nutrition Expert

I’ve been called to create a extraordinarily different and BRAND NEW body transforming & nourishing Island escape for women & leaders, wanting to put their energy into their passions, NOT their symptoms.

Isn’t it time you stopped putting your wellness off for later? If you don’t put your health first – Who will?

Aren’t you sick of being robbed of your joy, energy and passion because your ‘too tired’ or in ‘to much pain’ to fulfill on all the areas you wish you could….

It doesn’t have to be this way – through an immersion with me you’ll be amazed at how much can shift after an intensive 7 days followed by 3 months of expert and bespoke customised guidance to keep you on track and accountable to your vision, as you shed the excess weight, release the toxins and balance your hormones, see your energy and your natural lust for life, and inner radiance return.

You will begin this health trajectory with 7 magical & luxurious days on the White Island of Ibiza where you’ll rejuvenate your body shape, recharge energy you didn’t even know you had & reawaken your clarity & motivation with more ease, and less stress.

I will show you a proven process to anti-ageing your WHOLE body, which will obliterate any excess weight, exhaustion, sluggishness, brain fog and lack of motivation.

The Body Awakening Ibiza

I’m introducing you to a proven natural process called The Body Awakening Method, that will remove decades of accumulated toxins from your body, more effective and efficent than any other programme or product I know of.

Through alive food, detoxification, movement & cellular healing, Your whole body & life will be reset & reawakened to full authentic Self alignment

 Nutritional vibrance

Nutrition is a foundation to a radiantly health body, it’s only when this foundation is set, that you will get the health you deserve and the body you desire. What I found, if the nutrition isn’t correct for the body to go into a full state of DNA repair, Nothing will change, theres many ways to eat, but there’s only 1 way to fully heal your body – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually at its core.

Body relationship

We always think its about relationships with others that we need to sort out, when its the relationship with ourself that is MOST important, and it’s from this place, that every other relationship will harmonise, as you take care of you, this energy radiates, and others feel your beauty and inner joy.

Beyond Detox 

The key to being in the healthiest and most happy body ever, is the removal of whats obstructing this health and happiness, when you find the root cause, and heal at root level – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, your whole body and life goes to a totally new vibration, which overflows with abundant new beginnings, as you become more and more of your greatness.

DNA healing

The only why I found to get life-long, permanent results, is by going to your blueprint, your DNA, it is from this place that you can instil more youth, vitality and immediate healing on your body. It’s a short-cut I discovered to getting you the result you desire, in a shorter time frame, using a variety of holistic methods – your body is reset, and health is restored.

Cellular Upgrade Detox 

The body has many layers to it, so by part 3 of your detox, you will have travelled internally to the exact areas of your body that requires healing to create permanent healing on your hormones, weight, energy, organs, and mind. Removal of obstruction through the body awakening detox is the answer to travelling to these deeper layers, so you get real life-long vibrant results.

Comfortable in your own skin

This is where a whole body transformation is activated, as your body is blessed with total self-love and self-care, and from this space within, realities are changed, body shapes are transformed, energy is at a permanent high, and your motivation and zest for life becomes Your magnet to all that YOU desire.

From here you transform your body, and rewrite your ENTIRE health story, for good, from strength to strength YOU Go, to Fully Alive In Your Glowing Twinkling Sparkling Soft Skin!

In ONLY 7 days you can burn up to 10Ibs of excess fat, embody a load more energy, motivation, clarity, and obtain rich healing and vitality …For these results to get EVEN better AND be permanent, your health requires space and time to repair and heal, this is why The Body Awakening Ibiza has 3 months of 1on1 bespoke support, so you get the necessary guidance for you to live your BEST life in a body you LOVE, with results that last.

What MORE will this do for you…


Regain COMPLETE physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health


Burn up to 30Ibs of excess fat & obtain your ideal weight & body shape


Break self-destructive food cravings


Achieve a deeper connection with your body & more of your true-Self awaken


Look more vibrant in your beautiful skin


Get energised, inspired & clear, feel ALIVE, full high frequency UPGRADE baby


Discover delicious foods that will OPTIMISE your wellbeing


Embody an even more empowered self & become a magnet to ALL your desires

This Will RESET Your ENTIRE BODY Mind, Relationships, and LIFE!

You’ll bathe under the Ibiza blue sky

utterly immersed in your body, where you’ll get to know all of you, get to be all you, and get to awaken all of you, so you receive the health and healing you so abundantly deserve and the body you desire.

A vibrantly healthy indulgence

organic foody wonder will take place everyday, where you will be energised, activated and healed as every cell in your being is feed and hydrated with life. The magic and miracles of raw plant-based bliss will nourish you all the way to looking and feeling your most vibrant alive self.

An extraordinary coastal walk

to awaken your senses, get grounded, and embark on a whole body mind soul experience through The Ibizenco portal to your next level. You’ll walk through portals of gold, and witness the magical transformation of yourself, right there, you become … you remember the invincible Goddess

Quantum Next Level Health 

You will receive state of the art bioresonance frequency healing on your whole-body, this will totally reset the whole-balance of your body-mind-emotions-soul to harmony and freedom, where you will feel a new sense of aliveness vitality, fully reviatlized within so without. We will set all your organs to there most optimal frequency, moving from any degneration to full regeneration, healing hormones energy organs cells, a full DNA reset, when used with nuritin and detox, the results are profound and deeply freeing, a catalyst to higher frequency living.

Heres How It Looks

7 Awakening days on the magical Island of IBIZA : 


Plant meals at our luxurious secluded Heaven on Earth private villa


Pre-Ibiza call to get clarity on your desires and goals


7 day proven detox protocol to clear obstruction & totally reset your hormones emotions & whole body *All vegan whole plant formulas elixirs supplementation included


Bio-resonance sessions to reset your whole-body frequency to fully ALIVE & Reset!


Daily movement & group meditation to awaken your cells and soul


Quiet time to journal/read/relax in the stunning gardens or on a cosy sofa, or by the pool with views out to the crystal blue waters


Daily breath work & embodiment sessions for body mind HEART balance


Bathing in magnetic water to regulate the body's pH for energetic alignment


Coastal walk through gates and gold plated portals to enliven your sensual soul


3 months 1on1 bespoke support to anchor results and shifts cell deep soul deep


***Your Bespoke Next Level program can begin prior to meeting in Ibiza to prepare your body for an even more profound transformation, or you can start after the retreat, for best results I advise to start at least 1 week prior to Ibiza.

Whats not included…


Flights, transfers and accommodation (you'll use the villa in the day, then have your own personal hotel/villa space to return to, to have your own retreat time)

This will be an investment not only into the way you look and feel in your body, but also your realtionships, creativity, life and entire future.

You will get to embody your deepest desires for yourself.

Beginning your health trajectory on the White Island of Ibiza is set to transform your body mind and soul, as you’re infused with the sunshine and secluded oasis, you embrace a natural healing space, and the transformation begins, when you take that first breath, of Ibiza magnetic air, and absorb those sacred sunshine rays of Spain, you’ve landed, and your Body Awakening begins, your journey of deep radical unconditional Self-love ~ into YOU

Let your heart guide you, connect, listen …

Do you want to Heal & Reset?

Is our Ibiza Oasis of transformation calling you?

Is your body calling you to heal?

Ready to claim one of the VERY LIMITED spaces.

If the way you feel in your body is a priority right now, and you value your health, this IS for you!

To find out more, and have a chat about if its a fit or not

Book your FREE Body Awakening call below Today.

I can’t wait to see you in Ibiza if it’s a fit!

Prepare for BODY miracles Self-Love home coming easeful weight-loss, & blissful food magic!


Book Your Body Awakening call

“Amazing experience. Recommend highly!”

Amazing experience working with Arianna, this lady really understands true health on all levels – physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Recommend highly!

Katrina Ruth, Australia

Entrepreneur, Mama, Writer, Success Queen Multi-Millionaire

“I am off thyroid medication I have been on for 14 toxic years, have lost 4 stone in weight and am literally glowing. I feel re-set after years lost in my own mind.”

Arianna is ahead of her game and the soulful space she held has left me on another level. I feel re-set after years lost in my own mind. It delved so much deeper than just food but in an enjoyable and enriching way. This led to small but continual shifts that eventually set deep for being back in my own reality. 

Arianna is authentic and this was the switch that finally allowed me to put my trust in someone. She has another level of knowledge to nutritionists I’ve met, a bigger picture that brings you back to your true self, and it was so good to pass my doubts into her hands and just embrace it. 

I trusted her and I am off thyroid medication I have been on for 14 toxic years, have lost 4 stone in weight and am literally glowing.

I cannot thank you enough vibrant, healthy, wonderful woman 🙏🏽💛🙌🏼 X


Mama, Entrepreneur, Creative