I spent many years thinking oh I have to wake up my fellow souls, and now I understand the only person I had to wake up was myself

those that choose to awaken and do the inner work to shed the shit to let go of the illusion of disease pain struggle hard have already got started on some level 

I’ve been deep on my awakening path for 8 years now, it doesn’t happen overnight, but there is definitely ways to accelerate your Awakening to the true Self, where ease peace joy lives, and that’s through your body

when I started to wake up to the truth, this is what happened, my body wisdom clear inner knowing heart and unity consciousness woke-up…I remembered true connection with myself magic and beauty everywhere

… so … the BS is this …

💉All vaccinations are lethal injections full of lethal chemicals that destroy the human spirit and calcify all glands (our master inner alchemists that let us fully live our truth of bliss and bounty on this sacred Earth!)

🥩Eating animals is like eating a brother or sister, they feel just like us, and eating them makes people very acidic = dis-ease = the trap of the matrix 

💊Medication has been made to keep people giving their power away, keep them sick, doubting their power to heal naturally, and paying into the false light 

📰the media is fake, all of it is bullshit, turn it off lovely!

📺is a box to cult program people into scarify fear doubt stress toxic relationships and eating a lot of shit acidic toxic food … life force leaker! RECLAIM YOU!

❌all the associations cancer diabetes heart …etc. are backed by industries taking money to put into agendas like C and the list goes on and on …

🧠3D mind control programming; fear doubt control scarcity, not enough, settling for struggle pain hard

🩺medical industry is NOT where you go for HEALTH: wellbeing-physical mental emotional spiritual energetic wakes up within this body when it’s clean and purified cell deep! soul WAKES up! boom🔥holistic is the way!

But what AWAKENING in this body is really about, IS:

🌸Remembering the joy clarity freedom bliss lightness calmness in this body when HEALTHY, possible for ALL who choose to say yes to their FREEDOM 

💗Feeling at peace within by simply being alive and on purpose, in service to the highest ideal of Heaven On Earth 

🌸letting life dance through you, accepting what is and relaxing into it in the now moment

💗remembering beauty creativity unity love connection TRUTH in your heart

🌸I am you you are me we are one 

💗I AM the creator of my reality, it’s in your thoughts actions gut liver heart health 

🌸awakening is laughing at it all, laugh at yourself, celebrate it all – the inner focus – CAN truly move shit loads of energy and shift our planet – you are that powerful when AWAKE!

💗Aquarian age, paradigm shift happening – remember your core, abundance is endless, there’s always more than enough, staying in the NOW, it gets to be easy 

🌸EVERYTHING starts with health, it’s the foundation to all life, as everything is CONNECTED, so within so without – simple truth, nothing changes, unless you go within and clear the toxins past trauma acid within, 

…THIS was my missing link that brought great resolve and awakening in my life to live my best blissful life now!

🌿NATURE🌴🌸🦋🌈🌷🐝🌎🦅🫀🍑 is the awakening, when I started living in tune with nature, by this I mean eating rhythmically, eating at least 70/80% alkaline, fasting, taking care of me, feeding my body with plant foods that tune you into plant consciousness, a return to oneness love unity the sacred heart of humanity … 

you soften, you strengthen, you remember your innocence your wholeness your bliss your truth in your soul to SHINE exactly as you are – so yep, you got it SistAr, YOUR body, the way you feel within, is fucking everything to live at peace with all life in harmony

…and here the heart guides and the ego dissolves and FREEDOM prevails 

Simplicity IS it. in food in life in business in love, simplicity births peace, through you …

Go within & go forth my Beauty!

To love & unity🌹

Arianna Health Goddess❤️

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