Doing it alone is the old humanity, the New Earth, we roll our sleeves up together and get to it!! this is me and my Goddess clients … no flakiness, all in and ON!

I struggled on my own journey alone for so long, because that high priestess in me had her warrior woman pants just wanted to push on alone, not bother anyone, burdening others with her worries and pains 

Accountability is real medicine, when we are accountable to our fellow sisters, to a sister that sees the same vision, everything shifts, we heal together, not alone.

So that dread you are currently holding onto Beauty, is unnecessary, you don’t need to know how you will do it, you just need to follow that inner compass guiding you to an easier way, to that coach support woman man you can trust …

You are here for inner peace🙏🏻

You are here for clarity freedom joy🌸

the shame and insecurities, it’s ok, there is NOTHING bad about it, I’ve been there too, I know that feeling of feeling so ashamed in this body so insecure, no love, you are one courageous badass beauty, who I know can trust that guidance and give up the struggle 

she knows there is support out there, yet she still fights within, why? she just wants to be kind to her body, the task just seems too much alone … 

trust that inner nudge today, where is she guiding you , trust her, go do it, the scary thing, whatever it is, it’s good, go, embrace that exciting new step forward on your path of true liberation! let it be easier 

YOU are safe Sister to honour your Goddess needs, you are safe to desire more for yourself

you are safe to be supported

…safe to say yes to YOU!

Be courageous, go for it Beauty ❤️

It’s all perfect🌹

Life is always guiding you🌈

…the joy of helping guide another sister is absolute utter bliss to me, never ever ever think you’re burdening someone with your pain … acknowledging our pain is the path to freedom 🌸 

you got this SistAr!

Love you!