As hysteria blows over our planet, people walking around in masks and stocking up on toilet roll, the problem is not the manmade virus, the problem is the body we live in, that will either attract the virus or make it run

A healthy body alkaline clean free from mucus and acids, the coronavirus will simply go in and move straight back our because it will only host in an acidic body

I see this as a divine awakening for more of humanity to get real with their health and what’s really going on inside,
knowing we are in control of our health
taking back our power

In an alkaline clean healthy body
no virus wants to hang out there,
it’s all about the environment within us

To put it into perspective – the coronavirus has reported 125,000 cases worldwide, whereas the flu virus kills 650,000 worldwide every year, but they don’t go nuts about the flu, again it comes back to the environment we live in to how our body will detox these microbes

from the manmade virus will come the manmade vaccine, they’re even talking about using an HIV vaccine, this is total BS, it’s about love and cellular detox as part of our lifestyle, it’s about living in the light, and it starts with our lifestyle,

what are we feeding ourselves physically mentally emotionally …

It’s about taking control of our health and not handing it over to fear pharma and f**king lethal weapons in disguise vaccinations

It’s a time for real detox, and remembering we are ALL made of love at our core, fear is an illusion which arises when something false is projected into our field e.g. Coronavirus!!

And, Coronavirus and 5G are totally linked, 5G weakens our gut, increases the acidity of our bodies tissues, so viruses can enter, again why making your body alkaline and clean is essential, not just because of the coronavirus but always

I feel this is a wake up call for many on our planet to clean their bodies and from this place we don’t fear because we know that a virus will NOT host in an alkaline body

We have human rights
we are born free,
independence and freedom is who we are,

Our planet is going through a huge death and rebirth, it’s a time for humanity to stand together and remember our divine nature, are coming together to see through the fear and chaos and come back to what’s important, our wellbeing as a collective which means taking responsibility for our individual health

Take a new approach to this chaos and come back to your body and the power you have to protect yourself, this is how I see it …

🌏Feed your body wisely, feed it light alkaline pure whole plant foods to keep you at the highest vibration connected to your sacred heart and the truth

🌏Feed yourself with nature, breath in nature, and ground into what’s really real

🌏Feed yourself good thoughts, music you love, dance move run, move the body in nature connect to where we are from and to the support of this sacred earth (Not a toxic gym~never liked them, nature is my gym!!🤸🏽‍♀️)

It’s about loving ourselves deeply and sharing that love with others

It’s about caring for ourselves deeply and caring for others

we are one big family 🌏
let’s remember this ❤️

Our human rights are freedom
to choose to decide, remember your sacred human place on this precious earth,
that needs us to stand in love and rise into our freedom ❤️

What are you feeling right now?

love you!

Arianna 🙏🌏🔥

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Arianna x Award-Winning Women’s Health Coach & Natural Health Advocate, Weight Loss Thyroid & Detox Expert – www.ariannaaunon.com/start-here