Beautiful, this healing journey with plant-food as my medicine has shown me how I am safe to love myself and be cared for, as women we are such great beautiful carers, yet so often we forget about ourselves … it all came down to self-worth, shame, for me, shame of needing to be cared for loved, needing so much support, so I shut it out for decades, pushed alone, yet I was in relationships from 17-34 non-stop, as I wasn’t nourishing me and seeking love outside myself, I felt empty, and food was my escape to fill and not face it – to feel held nourished by life is our truth, ‘oh no you need to be so strong, prove yourself look like you’ve got it all worked out, so perfect’ well this is just not true, ladies, Goddess’s, we get to soften and be the flame burning bright spreading our magic far and wide, we get to nurture this body, take care of her, LOVE you, feed her properly no more addictions family food patterns running your life, no more playing small and staying in the struggle when there’s a way through it all, and let me show you, it’s so exciting graceful, even easy, it’s clarity purpose freedom, and it’s a journey, there is no one size fits all, you are unique and why we all require bespoke attention with our health and why this is our focus here at The Body Awakening, and why it works, why it’s different, why results last with this way of living, it’s freedom. After 2 decades of emotional eating addictions weight fluctuations stress hiding body shame and gaining 2.5 stone stone to heavy for my flow brain fog severe anxiety body pain and emotional rollacoaster’s, I didn’t like myself let alone love myself, and now after living this plant-based way for the last 3-4 years, I am free, I love me, we can all live free empowered expressed and true love who we are. 

Are you ready to say a soul YES on your happiness your life your mission, why you’re here? there is so much more, trust me, I didn’t have a clue until I began this plant-based way of thriving, no more escape, but fully ALL-IN on life I chose. 

The Body Awakening Bespoke programs crafted to your body needs desires challenges life vision. Applications for a complimentary Body Breakthrough are open now (link in bio)❤️