I realised early on this healing journey that these symptoms were NOT going to run my life, so I took control of this matter (in an empowering way)

I decided I would have my body like I wanted it to the t, and I continued until I got there

Like anything, I made a ton of mistakes and learned some massive lessons

The preservation of the human body
Is no mystery
Is not hard
when tuned into the rhythms of nature and her healing power

No symptom
No disease
No pain
Is incurable

and the body knows exactly how to heal all of it. When you drop back in to natures teachings. Only here can results change. At a level where it’s not false relief.

– You can continue to eat the foods that suppress and pretend you are well (I spent over a decade here, painfully exhausting)
– You can keep adding the vitamins and minerals in to make you feel like the bodies getting what it needs (a lie I lived for years)
– You can continue the testing and getting no answers and getting more stressed out
– You can continue telling yourself you just need more of that superfood or that vitamin or to exercise more or to start meditating or to eat more of …
– You can continue to say it’s not the right time or I’ll start next month

What got me to where I am now in my body having reversed and cured myself of thyroid problems, auto-immune reactions, burnt out adrenals glands, severe anxiety, no confidence, no trust, full of fear about my body image, hiding myself behind an “oh everything’s Ok” facade

what’s got me here is the way I saw through the absolute shit and mistruths and misinformation out there
I didn’t follow the rules of nutrition, detox, healing, eating
Well I did to begin with,
but it didn’t work,
I honestly don’t see it working for anyone

NONE of it worked,
BUT it did suppress,

No longer I decided, no longer will I live a life pretending that my body is well and I feel good, when deep down I know I’m here for so much MORE-

Because HONESTLY Gorgeous,
you know you feel like shit, and you know in your soul how good you can feel,
you do,
just like I did,

You know you haven’t been bought here to half experience life in a sick toxic body

You know you’ve been bought here
for next level abundance purpose and freedom to shine bright and take courageously bold moves on what matters to you
and what lights you up, fills you up, makes you excited and passionate

…THE way you feel in your body
Your presence

…that toxicity that’s been lying in your body at cell level for decades
goes nowhere Beauty
unless you do something about it

The toxicity that just keeps compounding till BOOM the Body has had enough

Most tip toe around the HEART OF THE MATTER,


I didn’t heal my body from chronic degeneration, ill-health, a body full of symptoms, full of toxicity
from adding fuel in

adding means more chaos
to remove the cause
remove the chaos

going vegan
taking the best quality supplementation
exercising your butt off
avoiding coffee
daily green juice

Parts of this yes can work,
but it’s still not touching the cells,
or removing the waste that’s causing the weight gain exhaustion bloating brain fog hypothyroid body pain sugar cravings,

you desire to lose the weight, eliminate the bloat for good, feel clear, centred, trust yourself and feel free and confident
to live and express who you are

I didn’t stop until I found out what was required to really clean heal and activate the body this human vessel that needs


and all they go on about is adding more stuff in, well
You simply can’t heal this way
It doesn’t work
It’s a lie
It’s based on complete mistruths
It’s so old now!

It’s time to do it natures way
It’s the real way
It’s the way that gets you the results you want

Why do we separate? when everything is connected
Why do you feel so alone? when we’re all in this together

are you so sure? …because health and the body has been misunderstood for way too long

Unique you are
Connected deeply at a cellular DNA level to nature you are
Free you are

So why do you doubt it?
So why do you make excuses, instead of just getting on with it?

Your life depends on your decisions

Your health depends on your decisions

What transformed my health forever,
was making the decision that I could have
the body confidence freedom I desired

So today, what is the decision you need to make for your wellbeing?

Today’s loving reminder:
For as long as theres toxic waste in the body, you suffer unnecessary.
You are sacred. You are precious.
You need you fit strong and healthy.
Not suppressed.

A suppressed body means parts of you are being suppressed.

You are here for a radiant life totally expressed.

BE that women who takes charge of her body and owns here truth of divine body deliciousness.

I love you.