lovely, Trust if you’re reading this … it’s a sign!🔥

I don’t know about you, but I would rather have this stuff out of me! 

Here’s part of my ultimate Body Awakening protocol, of course it’s tweaked and bespoke, but you get a good idea of the steps to permanent body liberation!

Ultimate BA Method healing protocol:

🥩➡️🫐Nutrition transition, plant food foundation grounding, shifting the bodies pH 

🍉Real cellular hydration to accelerate healing & health

🌿Specific herbal protocols unique to your needs, total body transformation 

🌬Easy Fasting to fit your vision 

🍋Colon cleaning to heal gut, emotions & mind

🥭Fruit fasting period w-specific guidance depending on where your body is at, level 1-3

🧘🏻‍♀️Mindset support to breakthrough habits & sabotage patterns to anchor your vision & lasting results 

🧿See and feel the joy of knowing the exact steps to the body peace weight-loss food freedom you crave. Embody It, no more stress!

🌎Learn the BA method cycle in depth so you NEVER have to worry about your health, or whether you’re eating right for well-being ever again!

when the body is truly cell-clean, you see how you’ll stop obsessing over food, you’ll see how you move forward with your health instead of back to square one

 because what you eat is so deeply nourishing, in a clean body it absorbs everything, and you flow for hours clear, creative and centered! nothing is holding you back anymore!


🤍Mind clarity 

🤍Feel at peace 

🤍Inner strength

🤍Alert & focused

🤍Boundless energy

🤍Hormones balanced

🤍Fully heal your thyroid

🤍Real healthy weight-loss

🤍Wear whatever, & feel fab!

🤍Release all fear & insecurities

🤍Boost self-worth self-love & self-respect, release ALL blocks, & flow forward with ease

…and this is just to get started. 

It‘a a Goddess of Health Initiation🦋

Are you called Beautiful to understand more about this process of body freedom?💘

🌹To find out more about our current Body Awakening Spring program openings reach out to me privately, Or email via🌿🧘🏻‍♀️ 

As I walk in beauty

All walk in beauty ❤️