🌞🔥👙Happy Summer Solstice👙🔥🌞

I am here to inspire you, I could share many clients weight-loss success stories, today I decided I would share my own as I’ve never shared it in this way

I spent years with a body that was very hormonally out of balance due to growing up on a very acidic diet, even though it was home-cooked, taking the oral contraceptive pill, eating meat dairy, and suppressing many emotions and my voice 

It was after 13 years of weight and energy fluctuating, never stabilising, never consistent, that got me frustrated and wondering, what is going on inside me? 

It’s taken me nearly 20 years of non-stop inquiry and investigation, being the living research to find what I found, and I’m going to share it with you right now, 

And I did it all, just like I imagine, you feel you’ve tried it all? Right? 

I know how annoying it can be and why I’m here to offer some clarity and light on this important area of your life, so you can enjoy it all, without that weight laying heavy on you … 

I know what it feels like, song that springs to mind “ I want to break free, I want to BREAK FREE…”(love a bit of Queen!👸🏻)

Why that weight won’t shift, why it keeps coming back, why it’s up and down maybe, or just up, why it’s driving you nuts, after all that effort you keep putting in 

firstly, Its not your fault lovely. You’ve been mislead. It’s not about the exercise or the protein, the health industry bang on about these 2, when it’s not about either of them

What’s it about? pH nutrition foundation and cellular detoxification 

When nutrition is set to support you, and the body properly cleaned, then the body can heal and reset, weight melts away and you feel at peace energized  and balanced in your being and clothes

This was the absolute breakthrough after nearly 20 years of, “why is nothing working for me?”

Where are you at on your body breakthrough journey? have you got the results you want? what’s next?

I last thing, you CAN do it, what you want you can have, I promise you, been there, now got it! If 1 woman can do it, so can another and another and another …

Are you ready for your Summer body to be the body of your dreams that lasts, No not temporary, but sustained with ease joy and a feeling of peace and freedom in your being? 

You CAN make it happen!

love & sexy summer vibes! 

Arianna ❤️