Stop freaking out about …


It’s actually ridiculous to think you’re going to starve if you don’t eat whatever it is that has become so ingrained, and an unconscious unhealthy habit/addiction 

Health, well-being, the lasting weight loss you desire dear woman, is very very little to do with the amount of protein ‘good’ fats carbs so called healthy oils superfoods supplements you ingest daily 

Truth is, it’s to do with removing whats inside you causing the dis-ease, it’s about purification, it’s about clearing the way within, then will you see feel know what your body truly wants to be nourished with 


Truth is ease, and massive ease comes from this process of purification cell deep, there’s no ignoring it, denying it, ignorance and denial being some of the biggest programming, catch it!

Truth is, there is no disease, there is just toxicity, all the labels of what the medical system says you have may have is 99% bullshit

Truth is, you’re never starving, that feeling you think is ‘you starving’ – which is hilarious love, came on, it’s another program, your body is really going into detox mode, and this feels uncomfortable for a little while

if that detox process is always being stopped stuffed with acidic food medication synthetic supplements, of course the body won’t be able to heal itself

So Powerhouse Woman! when will you get out ya way, stop ignoring the call of cell deep purification, stop battling within, cause it’s full of gunk and so frustrating you can’t hear your soul or real intuitive voice 

So what will it be? the medical system of sickness and nocare, fad diet nonsense, or an empowered path to implementing truth into your body, of real nutrition and a cell detox lifestyle, that is the true healthcare! 

It’s a choice. 

Ignoring the fear is getting you nowhere. 

a fear of the void, the unknown, which is the feminine, where all power is reclaimed…

face the fear, feel it, go beyond it, never let the past fear out of date bullshit hold you back from living your dreams your peace your freedom! 

Healthy Happy Harmoniously home in you!

Take charge. 

the time is now. 

Are you READY?❤️