25 hour flight, 5 nights quarantine in Jakarta, whatever, let’s focus on what matters! HOW YOU FEEL.

This ones for the women ready to breakthrough and remember what balance is in this body💕 what it really means to LIVE in this body🔥

That comfort eating, those cravings, that sugar bread caffeine, it’s oh so yummy, feels like such a comfort, but is it really serving you? 

That comfort, is it really true comfort? Does it make you feel super yummy and at peace in your body? I know it doesn’t lovely, and why I’m bringing this up! because I’ve been there

You think at some level to be truly healthy and happy, you’ll have to give up so much, but I want to share an evolved and experienced outlook on this one…

and why I bang on about it all day everyday, and I won’t stop …

when this body is cellular clean, meaning she is being supported with foods that balance pH that Cleanse Eliminate Regenerate and truly Heal you CELL deep

…then the food thing totally chills out, it’s like kicking back into reeeelax mode, but I know what you’re thinking? 

So, what does that mean? what will that do for me? who will I have to become? what fears will I have to overcome? what if it doesn’t work for me? 

‘well if I lose the weight, feel so good and confident in my body, then I’ll actually have nothing to complain about and make excuses for’ … see where I’m going with this …

We keep ourselves playing small, in loopdloop with our health – unconsciously – because being vibrant energized lighter brighter more confident means getting on and doing the thing, the weight comfort eating body pain has been keeping you from doing, it’s stepping up showing up and saying YES to your next level, 

Are you READY for her? 

and let’s get this straight lovely, this isn’t about being a perfect size 8,10,12, forget that, or don’t, if that’s a vision of yours, but truth is

it’s about HOW YOU FEEL, and that feeling has EVERYTHING to do with what is going inside your body and what isn’t coming out of it that needs too

let’s be real and stop the bullshit! you are worthy! exactly as you are, here now. 

I see you!

Be honest. 

Love you! Arianna❤️