So if you’ve been on this healthy eating journey for a while, or even just begun, hey love, what a wild ride it is!

gluten? sugar? Is it causing the weight gain, lack of focus, foggy brain, unsettled feeling within you … NO.

I know the confusion frustration, feeling done with the temporary results after all that hard work, thinking you need so much protein or so called ‘healthy fat’ or to eliminate everything to feel healthy strong and light

What I discovered through daily inquiry over the last 4 years, is that yes absolutely the food we eat is essential for our well-being emotions energy hormones weight clarity motivation showing up, BUT … 

The vibrant whole foods don’t have a chance unless we get the toxicity out, I’m talking about the mucus parasites acidic cellular debris, this has to be rid, for YOU to sustain and stabilise real health

I thought gluten always made me bloated tired heavy, when I found out it wasn’t the gluten I was eating, it was what was living inside me clogging me up, zapping me, throwing me off

I thought sugar was a big problem, making me feel emotional hormonal depleted, WHEN it wasn’t the healthy sugar, it was my body NEEDING to cleanse and de-TOX

When I talk gluten, I’m talking spelt grain (ancient and less acidic than the rest), all the pastries white bread white paste processed low quality is highly acidic

when I talk sugar, I’m talking healthy fruit sugar maple syrup even a little agave this is all absolutely fine; fruit and maple sugar are extremely healing, not the processed toxic draining fake sugar 

I know you’ve been eating well, cooking good meals at home, really wanting to feel better lovely, I see and feel your efforts, and I know you’re done with the body battle, that PEACE you want to feel within – IS possible 

When we can believe in something, we can commitment deeper, I created The Body Awakening method, for that, a process a path that means body bliss, as you move away from all that resistance and restriction into ease and freedom, to a life-changing lifestyle that will be a catalyst to your wildest dreams!

…and it’s here Amazing Women like you and I can reclaim self-respect, learn to truly self-love through embracing self-acceptance, KNOWING that – the light healthy strong peaceful flexible sexy body you see in your vision, is your vision for a reason

…because, it IS POSSIBLE for YOU💞

Stay connected love!💌💋

I’m here for you!


Spring Cleanse Journey(day25) the way to LIVING in PEACE with your body, relaxed as YOU