The final 8 days of this Spring fruit/herb cleanse I’m called to reveal the biggest food lies/BS out there that have kept you wondering, ‘why am still not feeling the way I want to, I’m doing all the right stuff?’

Let’s start here…right now I put my God-Goddess middle finger up to modern medicine to peer review papers to medication to false blood testing and to the food industry, so many lies deceptions agendas!

And why I’ve spent the last 3 years specifically going way beyond what the majority see as possible with nutrition and the human body, discovering some deep truths I will be sharing with you over the next 8 days. 

QUESTION everything right now, sure question me too if you like … I’m here authentic transparent open, ask me ANYTHING dear!

So let’s look at truth, let’s look at what most don’t want to look at, because it shakes shit up, and that shit needs to be shaken up … we need to get uncomfortable, we need to speak truth, we need to rise up like the courageous avatars WE ARE

If you’re here on my page, you’re a truth seeker, even if you didn’t know it, you are, you have this deep belly yearning for liberation, deep within- you KNOW, maybe you still hold back, some fear, some resistance about truly standing in YOUR truth your voice your power, because of fear of family friend judgments, being different not fitting in – you are SAFE to be different, do it differently, SHINE

we are the Body Awakening FREEDOM pioneers!

I stand here with you to BE ALL OF YOU, your soul is fearless, you are BEAUTIFUL bold courageous, full of pure love, do it your way!

*those judgement’s we fear are just our own unresolved judgement towards ourselves, our true needs and desires in this feminine body* yes you can heal it all and have it all* Trust*

Love! I acknowledge you, I appreciate you, I see you, fully! I know this journey has been tough, I’ve walked every step with you, there is no separation, we walk this ride together! 

Boom! to #unity Boom! to #truthalways

I see so much chaos on this journey, we’ve been feed many lies and untruths, it’s time to turn the other way, exit whilst you can, no more messing with your heart your life your freedom!

Healing myself of so much chronic systemic dis-ease over 15 years, to now an award-winning womens health specialist for the last 6 years, I’ve seen it all, TRUTH is an evolved next level plant-based mucus free/lean and cellular detox approach (The BA Method) was my missing link to full body liberation and embodiment of the vibrancy joy bliss 

HEALTH this body has waiting for us ALL

Here at The Bespoke 1:1 Body Awakening method programs we heal it all, there is nothing we can’t overcome: hypothyroidism endometriosis excess weight (however much you’ve tried) exhaustion stress addictions emotional eating fibroids cysts brain fog 

We know the way to avoid ALL surgery and ALL medication – a true awakening back to ALIVENESS peace and certainty – this body is A celebration, NEVER give up on your dreams, wash away the past! you never fail, you only learn grow and build inner strength for your victory that IS so close now! Feel this x

We are all walking this path home together, the more we know this at our core, the more we active unity consciousness and remember our TRUE DIVINE NATURE and exit the drama, here we embrace a life of love peace joy ease, unified in our hearts♾wombspace Beauty!

Reach out with any questions you may have about how we can help you reach your body peace and celebrate you!

Awaken to your divine body🕉

love you!



Womens Health Specialist 

& Author. 

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