I got so lost in my emotions thinking it was who I was feeding those emotions with sugar caffeine comfort eating, somewhere out there yep there is talk of ‘emotional beings’, sure we absolutely are especially as women, we have 100x the hormones of men …

BUT, those emotions are chemistry, when I changed the chemistry of my inner world, I changed reaction to response in my external world, grumpy moody irritated, an emotional mess round my period, all the cravings when I got stressed, they all disappeared … as I transformed my emotions at the root within 

you know those moments when you feel stressed out and you go for that sugary thing or cup of coffee, we just feed the emotions stress pain even more … that feeds the acidic body and causes more imbalance hormonal chaos reaction in our life – when we STOP feeding into this cycle, it’s boom! FREEDOM beautiful!

so a journey I went on that shifted ALL this …

1🍋alkalize your body by eliminating acidic foods, emotions are chemistry, acidic foods are a huge part of causing you to feel emotional hormonal out of control, when you Alkalise your body at cell level the whole function of this body relaxes, hormones balance, you feel truly balanced and at peace 

2🫐get the mucus & parasites out of your body, over this current 30 day fruit detox I’ve cleared even more mucus and small parasites, as you shift the food you eat and start healing your gut, what is not real health will be eliminated from the body naturally, as the body will not hold onto anything that’s not of the highest for you if the inner world is clean, a HUGE energy and clarity up-level happens here lovely!

 3🥗what we eat we become? acidic food leads to an acidic life, acid is very yang masculine energy, alkaline eating leads to a balanced relaxed healthy happy joyful blissful life, it’s the yin, the feminine – we need both, we are both, but when it comes to heal this body, we heal through the feminine which is mucus-free-lean-alkaline plants of liberation 

How do I know this? as you know I’m on a 30 fruit & herb fasting/cleanse, seeing the change in my emotions cravings from the beginning of this cellular journey is huge, my first 30 day fruit fast I had so many emotions surface so many strong cravings, this has all gone, when we clear the way within, it’s also cleared without, here you SET YOURSELF FREE 

so below so above 

so within so without

your gut impacts what goes in your mouth, your brain heart thyroid health (all above)

Our inner world IS Our outer world

Let’s keep it simply and clear, Alkalise the cellular body – all dis-ease will GO, WHATEVER it is for your right now, EVERYTHING will clear heal and reset Gorgeous, I can even promise this, I’m so sure it! it’s the key that unlocks vibrant focused clear happy confident energy and health in your sacred feminine body 

You are not your emotions

You are not your cravings

You are not your weight

You are not your pain

You are free to choose.

Acid OR Alkaline body

Dis-ease OR Vibrant Health body 

You can have what you want, 

what will it be lovely?


love you! Arianna❤️


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