A pleasure, an escape, emotional, easy, hard, comfort, playtime, liberation, bliss, joy, stress, happiness, protection, numbing, suppression, freedom?

Food has been all of these to me. Reality is, it can be easy joyful freedom playful when we clean this temple. that’s the truth of this journey

To claim back my health and release the food addictions I had to clean the acidic foods out of my body to – RE-set RE-new RE- birth

NUTRITION is everything, when you know how to feed yourself, life becomes easy and health becomes a sure thing Beauty!

It took me doing all the diets, hitting rock bottom with my eating habits cravings sugar carb caffeine cravings-addictions-to stop. listen to my body. and change direction. honesty was required here, pure raw real self-honesty. 

and that turn in direction 

that embrace of change 

that trust in the unknown (to remember the truth)

lead me to absolute freedom

to food being pure liberation  

no longer a struggle or hard


It took doing it differently, 

Yes you are safe to go there!

It took letting go of 90% of what I thought I knew, and seeing food nutrition this body health with new eyes!

It took questioning EVERYTHING, to KNOW truth … and that’s where I found my freedom, with food in my body my emotions …

that truth🔥

Is this body gets to be an ecstatic blissful pleasurable peaceful confident happy temple of liberation for any one who chooses to say yes to the true Self … no matter where you’re at – WE can heal it

there is nothing we cannot heal!

Welcome home to your bodyBlossOmingbliss beautiful, have you been truly listening to your body? what’s she saying to you in this moment? is it time to change direction? to try something Spring fresh?

That body peace starts in a alkaline clean fresh purified cleansed detoxed rejuvenated body through using plants as our medicine, they’ve always been the answer, there’s just been ALOT of distractions – blow them away

…and TRUST there is a way, and you’re being guided right here and now 

It’s available right now

What’s holding you back? anything? nothing?

You deserve to be happy healthy free and IN LOVE with who you are, OWN this!

Goddess woman, I love you! Choose you!❤️

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