Bikini👙bod + parasites🐛mucus OUT + mucus free🍇lean plant🌿food IN = Next Level body magic baby!🔥 this journey was the breakthrough!

Do you ever think about what’s living inside you that’s causing the health struggles?

Lovely, What would more energy, healthy weight loss, living pain-free medication-free to feel a clarity around what to eat, no more worries, to truly love your body, to feel deeply worthy as you, Mean to you? 

Spring cleanse update: 15days in I feel so much shifting, big upleveling and magic, bliss clarity grounded focused joyful, deeply in my flow, glowing with life, in love with my body, life feels so new so fresh so light so beautiful! 

You can only ever REALLY know thyself when that stuff inside you the parasites mucus acid is OUT!🔥

We can all wear a body we love, all it takes is getting this stuff out and putting this food in, really it can be very simple, but the human ego makes it so difficult through attachments, letting past failures rule fears what if’s judgments, let that shit go love💩

RECLAIM that feminine power and stand firm in your knowing, in your base, in your centre, YOU CAN overcome anything when you have nature as your Allie, nature guides you home 

to truly feel the way you want to feel – YOU WANT TO FEEL, and I know we can say we don’t care so much about the way our body looks, but came on ladies – let’s be honest, and stop the lies, we really do, all of us

…because how we look in our body massively impacts our feelings our growth our expansion, our relationships, they come hand in hand, 

EVERYTHING is connected!

I know you may not want to think about this inside you, but the truth is, let’s get real and let’s heal, and move beyond the fear doubts any made up limitations, cause really, there are no limitations, what you want, is possible


UNTIL I did this work, I stayed blocked spinning in loops self sabotaging people pleasing suppressing numbing exhausted stressed hormones off craving

I was a total emotional wreck if I’m honest, so I decided to change that, because I wasn’t up for giving my power bliss and joy away to something that can be changed, I overcame it all, because I decided to, I was done!

This process unlocks breaks-through EVERYTHING, it elevates you to your next level into the embodiment of your true Self, you ground sustain stablize and anchor your highest frequency here – And THIS is the magic 

Eating mucus free-lean is a whole other way of experiencing life you your body your bliss, it activates opens allows embodies the TRUTH in this body, it’s THE most liberating way home!

it remembers you to you, awakening that homecoming of the high end priestess home to the divine grace you know you are, miracles right here

And, let’s celebrate together here now … as you’ve come so far, so what do you say Beauty? do you choose to start fresh, to grow roses in your inner garden, of new life, of clarity energy ease love health and peace? 

the beauty is, you get to choose, and this has always been the way love … I honour myself. 

mucho amor❤️AA

PS. Ready to Spring🍋Cleanse & liberate yourself Beauty? Read more via link in bio, DM me with any questions/inquiries xx

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