Hey Beautiful, If you’ve landed here for the first time or keep coming back, I understand why, you’ve been trying so much for so long now, the nutrition thing exercise supplements healing meditation yoga … but still you’re not seeing the results you expect to see by now

You’re committed to your health and wonder why you’re still in pain carrying unwanted excess weight feeling stressed and anxious, with a libido that seems to be fading, I hear you lovely! 

And I want you to know you are in the right place, you have been guided here, trust this calling home to the truth within you – ALL this CAN be transformed when we focus on nutrition at a chemistry level, and get this …

The food industry has feed us many lies much misinformation and untruths so that they can keep feeding those bliss points in your brain, where they keep us addicted to the sugar the dairy the animal foods that all stimulant the body into stress, and all the added chemicals they put in our food keeping us spinning and numb in our body … 

ARE YOU DONE WITH THIS BEAUTY? Ready to embody your right of a peaceful healthy calm grounded clear focused you, with a vibrant healthy libido, home in your sexuality

This is why here at The Body Awakening, I’ve focused on creating a method, a freedom formula that all my clients learn in depth and I share parts here for free, so that you know your nutrition and health, all areas of your well-being are taken care of with true integrity, we have to head away from mainstream status quo talk to the way of liberation that we teach here on our bespoke Body Awakening method programs …

As I learnt on my own long healing journey it’s more about:

🔥what that food is doing when it enters your body, not just it’s nutritional value

🌱is the food mucus forming?

🍇it’s not about your blood sugar levels and eating ‘so many meals a day’ cause someone says, it’s about listening to your body and remembering blood sugar has nothing to do with sugar – and everything to do with fats (*when I talk sugar I talk fruit sugar, she’s Queen)

🍑knowing and taking action on the impact of acidic foods on your body is where EVERYTHING shifts to a much lighter space, hormones regulate, the body calms down

🍋shifting the nutrition without the cellular cleansing/detox is where the connection has broken, they HAVE to come together for the body to heal itself, and why our method here is a total anchor into full body freedom with a firm balanced foundation ⚓️

Your effort has not gone unnoticed lovely, I know how much you have put in and seen little results, or maybe some results but nothing certain, done with temporary shifts you want permanent health freedom, YES LOVE! and this IS – what’s absolutely possible!

There is more to this thing, I know how testing it can be on the emotions when you’re doing the work but not seeing the results, you are not alone, you are not wrong, you have NOT failed, you are courageous determined strong, a powerhouse lovely, I see and feel your effort!!!!!

Know this, you can get the results you want, you can even get off all your medication, if they’ve been told you need that too … when we focus on alkaline eating alkalizing the organs tissue cells – shifting your hormones back into alignment through removing mucus build up, and it may all sound a bit gross, but who cares about gross when you KNOW this is the way of freedom and to living your healthiest and happiness life right Beauty

Powerhouse women of body magic, you can do this, I know you can, if I can, YOU CAN too, I stand with you, and if you’re ready for 1:1 support reach out privately to find out more about our Spring program xx

Spring Cleanse Journey(day15) the ROSES BlossOM once the BUGS & poison are OUT that peachy bum & tum births right HERE BEAUTY!

Spring Cleanse Journey(day17) Heal It All. Live Embodied Vibrant Balanced, Pain-Free Stress-Free Medication-FREE