High Priestess, I want you to know something about that amazing body of yours, I know some days you hate being in your body, you just wish you could run away escape the torment of how it feels inside … to break-free …

I know you call yourself fat, and just want to not feel this anymore, you’re so DONE with saying that to your precious self, and want change, want the truth on this weight thing once and all. You’re in the right place love. 


Firstly, know this, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WORTHY of the body you want, to feel the way YOU WANT in your body, TO FEEL WORTHY of that unconditional SELF-LOVE. breath this into your heart soul every cell of your being here now.

I know the relationships in your life have caused you to question yourself so much (I experienced this too) know you are safe to receive love from yourself and others, to trust yourself and others, and remember that love starts with you-loving-YOU-fully-first💝

So the food thing, again, I know it’s been a nightmare, so frustrating, so confusing even at times, so much conflicting information, you’ve done so much research, read so many books, you know a lot, but still you seem to be missing a key piece here …

I hear you Beauty! I felt the same for many years, totally confused with all the diets supplements, eating healthy, but still feeling tired heavy craving sugar caffeine, very emotional and stressed at times in this body 

What do you REALLY need to sustain and stabilise true Vibrant health permanently – well this is what I searched deep on, on many levels, and found out this – and I know you’re called, yes it’s about a more plant-based mucus free-lean way of eating, it’s quantum nutrition – it’s into the realm of LOVE PEACE FLOW from this body – the realm of true freedom 

True health does not live in this temporal 3D realm where they give you this label and that, saying you have a disease you need medication you need more protein, more fat vitamin D more blood tests more water more sleep…all that blah is SO OLD and OVER now!

The secret is in the quantum, the way of eating and living for LOVE, it means this:

🥭Eating lots of sweet juicy fruit is safe and your body loves it and hormones thrive, it’s a key to unlock the permanent health and weight-loss you want

🍋Let’s remember your body is chemistry and so is food, so when you transform the pH balance through quantum eating and living; hormones balance, fat is eliminated, medication no more! and you feel light and effortless in your being

🫐It’s not all about what’s going in nutritional, yes that’s a HUGE part, but the MAIN focus has to be on what’s coming out, the elimination, the cleansing de-toxing purifying cellular deep, DNA recalibration and upgrade happens here!

🌿The fasting regime is essential, and it CAN be easy fun effortless gentle and transform your body fast- healthy weight-loss, pain free, cravings all GONE!! emotionally balanced stress-free and ENERGISED CLEAR and LIGHT – this is our TRUTH in this beautiful feminine body of bliss lovely 

I know you long to truly love yourself and your body, to be at total peace with her, to feel an ease flow in yourself and life, and who you are, for relationships to feel nourishing and deeply loving, and to access your next level, and YOU CAN, as you shift into knowing and believing Vibrant health is totally accessible – right now 

So lovely, let’s start with that love relationship with you first, from here I saw magic unfold in my own life, when you finally say a FULL YES to YOU, your bodyBLISS, you feeling your absolute best, life becomes a joy you feel that balance return, you FEEL at peace in your body, will you choose self-love first?

Welcome home to permanent ease in your body Beauty, the quantum way is waiting for you

Awaken to your divine body, 


PS. 🌹Bespoke Spring Cleanse BodyBlossOM is Open for Application:


BlossOMing Woman!!💐

Spring has sprung, it’s such a powerful season to cleanse and reset the body

Your body is connected to the earth to all the seasons. And set that clear nutrition foundation to keep you on track in flow and knowing the food thing is done, zero stress, just EASE! 

BODY FREEDOM prevails here!!

The body ease is calling you. Calling you home to LOVE.

Overcome all the;

– sugar stimulant cravings; all cravings actually!

– body hate/shame/discomfort 

– stubborn excess weight

– sluggishness 

– unhealthy food habits/patterns

– self-love & self-worth battles

– Get off TOXIC medication & heal fully

Feel this in your body;

– feel comfortable in your body & flow with life 

– feel confident in your body &  skin

– feel vibrantly energized clear & light 

– joy of knowing what to REALLY eat for health & SUSTAIN it 

– the embodiment of self-love & self-respect

– feel your energy elevate and stabilise 

– feel totally balanced & centred in your feminine body 

 It’s a process we go through together, I stand with you High Priestess⭐️

I got you!

💎DM me with any questions, or go directly to the link in my bio (1st green button at top) to read more and schedule your complimentary Spring Body Breakthrough call if called Beauty💋


Spring Cleanse Journey(day14) WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON WITH YOUR HORMONES?… take charge of your FREEDOM