Magic happens of course! 

You end up deeply honoring soul and creating a life of love between Ibiza and Bali, more on that shortly🥳

Firstly, this 30 days of sharing what’s been coming through me during my Spring Cleanse FULL body mind soul business LIFE reset has been deeply awakening enlightening and liberating 

I’ve shared a lot of stuff I felt uncomfortable to share, but knew it was for the greater good to share, to connect with you, to see we’re all on this journey together, riding that wave home love🥰

I NEVER let the discomfort stop me, I did, but that’s the past me (cause I now know on the other side is body comfort) in 30 days:

🍋I did 20 enemas, oh the clarity and energy!

🍃Let go of SO much old energy-emotions, stuff that was holding me back, emotionally I feel so free soft LOVING in my heart, at peace 

🍅Totally cleaned my blood-liquid of life, pure flowing energised healthy grounded life I feel 

🫐My brain has had another reset, mentally I feel the best I have ever felt, EVEN clearer more focused alert motivated dedicated committed to myself 

🍉I regenerated my liver, clearing out an residual control judgment attachments exhaustion mind-fog parasites mucus liver stones – I flushed that away!

🧘🏻‍♀️I practiced mindfulness kundalini journaling 

🌿I took special herbs to regenerate my body daily

🍎3 wks eating fruit, then 1 week rebuilding with plants mucus-free-lean-alkaline- VIBRANT nourishment home

🌳I spent many moments commUNION with nature, in deep introspection with my soul, playing with Freddy😻

🌹I feel reborn Anew, my body feels EVEN lighter brighter more flexible open ready EXCITED for life, the JOY of this amazing life, take it by the reigns and ride it Beauty! 

Life will pass you by, unless you commit to you – YOU have the power right now to take right action, do you answer the CALL of your heart, your body temple calling you home to peace freedom JOY?

I cleaned the way more deeply within,

Life cleared the way externally, how it works❗️

So Bali, she’s been calling me home for a while, it all came together, fearless determined committed, these energies I affirmed daily, with a presence at my solar Plexus🌞central power💛fully all in on LIFE🔥

there is always more, the question is; will you EMBRACE chose allow the next level you to be born, and up-level to the next version YOU thats waiting to be embodied?!

It’s time now to CELBRATE this body this life this opportunity, that is YOU!

Bali here I come baby!🎉🎉🎉

Love you!


PS.  Check out my Free Spring Body masterclass if this calls you to learn more.

Spring Cleanse journey (day28) I’m going to talk into what most avoid … healing.