I know love you are deeply tuned into that intuition of yours, cultivating its power to guide you through life, so with you on this!

Have you ever thought though, is this really what I’m meant to be eating? my intuition says yes … so I guess so …

Ok, something to ruffle those feathers abit, what if that intuition was being interfered with by internal toxicity?

I had always gone by what my body wanted? Listening to my food wants, it got me sick tired overweight foggy unhappy depressed and unclear about my life … so what was up with this?

well back then my body was full of toxicity, there was mucus parasites way to much acidic food going in, way too many stimulants, I discovered with all this inside your body, you can’t get clear intuition on the bodies needs

I learned a few things on this journey;

👙Intuition of this sacred feminine body does not tell me to eat meat or dairy or fried foods or that I need so much cooked food 

🍇Intuition of this temple does not say keep drinking stuff that depletes my hormones and zaps my life force through adrenal exhaustion leading to stress 

🌈I ONLY truly started to hear my intuition, her sacred whispers of liberation when my body got cleaner and more alkaline🌿👗

🍓This feminine temple does not like acidic food, she can handle a bit sure, but not thrive off it, I thought she could, so I kept going against her, I saw how this depleted my softness and strength, acidic food made me feel hard and weak, whereas an alkaline body shifted that feeling to true flow freedom openness and inner strength 

this honesty was life changing for me, it took me out of ‘oh but my body says it ok so I’ll eat it’ to questioning it and trying a new way, so I cleaned my body and then tuned in, and, oh then I really heard what my darling body wanted to be nourished and nurtured with this body doesn’t thrive at its fullest potential of absolute joy peace and acceptance-slimmer lighter brighter in an acidic body, it’s just the simple truth, truth can shake things up! it’s healthy, it brings us out of our food coma and habits-into the LIGHT of JOY 

it’s pH🍋

it’s nature 🌿

it’s balance 👙

it’s harmony 🕉

It’s a total RESET 👗

It’s absolute liberation 🌈

It’s feeling like you truly belong in your body 🌹

If you’re here on my page, if you’re tuning into this cellular detox way, mucus free-lean eating, more alkaline plants, you’ve got it, keep going, and remember one thing, the body can only get permanent results if the toxicity is removed! otherwise results won’t last.

Keep listening to your heart guiding you home!

Even if it sounds scary, even if it sounds different, even if it sounds too good to be true, LEAN into it, embrace the body you’re being called into and honour that sacred all knowing HEART of yours!

peace & love vibes always💐