⛓Breaking through to your ultimate reality. 

It’s so deep rooted, once I caught my deep unconscious unworthiness … shit really started fo shift! 

I want to share a story with you, the story I CHOSE for myself to become the woman I AM today, it’s been tough, I know Beauty! and it’s time to Rise!

I chose a family where incest went down

I chose relationships that were abusive

I chose to abuse my body with stimulants food & drugs

I chose my story of zero self-worth

You chose what you chose ONLY because you KNEW, that you CAN overcome it NOW


I became the witness of my own story

I dropped washed away all victim consciousness, and dug deep and EMPOWERED myself to stand in my I AM

I left NO CELL unturned for the shame pain guilt unworthiness undeservedness (is that word, it is now!) to hang out

I remembered that if I love myself, 

I stop doing stuff that is hurting my soul🔥

I battled myself for 2 decades repeating patterns cycles habits, borrowing money of my parents, feeling so incapable at an unconscious level of supporting myself, caught up in my ‘families’ scarcity story, loosing myself in relationships to prove myself to another due to my masculine wounds, lost in competition due to my sister/feminine wounds, putting others on pedestals, feeling so unworthy of my deepest desires to live a beautiful happy joyful pleasurable sensual peaceful loving passionate life

the SWITCH I flipped that changed everything for me, was OWNING my uniqueness my presence my truth my power to transcend anything and to ACCOMPLISH anything, to fully COMMIT to myself my life my inner integrity, and this, 

mean’t one thing

RADICAL SELF-LOVE💕Knowing you are infinitely worthy of the life you want, the relationships joy peace freedom play happiness love, it’s yours, Go get It love!

I rekindled my worthiness by getting raw, by witnessing the shame, the shame of what happened, unconsciously I was playing out the need to protect my family, so I kept pulling myself back to painful cycles

soon as its witnessed in pure love, and when it’s witnessed with another that sees you and holds that space gently and loving for you, the power of Sisterhood, of NOT doing it alone

…all its power over you dissolves, it’s about deeply and truly rising into love with yourself, your beautiful worthy courageous pure whole powerful exalted Self,

and for this,

I had to purify my cellular body

I had to clear out the past from my gut 

I had to release fears & insecurities in my colon

I had to regenerate my liver & kidneys 

I had to heal my hormone communication 

I had to focus on my body, & NO longer ignore her call of the surrender into LOVE 

I had to do what felt uncomfortable 

I had to do it differently 

Its never been about beating ourselves up, it’s been about the inner courage to see what’s playing out and to embrace yourself tenderly with love, that inner courage and tenderness merge to an energy of wholeness, and its pure inner peace and joy from there!

☯️the body rebalances 

🔥all pain goes

👙weight disappears

🌬stress is over

🍇emotional eating ends

👸🏻emotional maturity stabilises 

🤩brain fog becomes clarity & focus 

🥳hormones start communicating happily 

🧠your mood lifts to one of optimism 

🌈root solar plexus throat chakras all OPEN


👗clothes feel great on your body

🍽food is EASY 

🌿CHANGE feels effortless 

💗the heart softens,

👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩You Love Yourself.

FREEDOM from all shame all pain all negativity low self-worth self-hate, is WASHED AWAY, if I had understood what I do now, I would have released myself much sooner from the prison I put my soul in for so long

YOU remember your true nature, divine alive flowing with the rhythm of life, you’re unique worthy self-loving beat home to the true Self 

your past doesn’t define you

healing shame is a path to REAL inner peace 

those unworthy feelings 

are a light guiding you home to LOVE & joy

Shame is not dirty.

Unworthiness is Ok to feel.

there has been so much shit thrown about, taking you away from feeling it all, when I stopped labelling feelings as good and bad right and wrong, I liberated myself, 

I set myself free to,




I chose to live life on my terms, 

attuned to my inner knowing, 

Self-love. IS the ultimate journey of all, nothing is more powerful than loving who you are, loving yourself, all of you, because you are perfect, a daughter of God-Goddess, free to BE and free to sing your song

Proudly standing in your beauty 

of respecting the DIVINE beauty you are!

I choose self-love ALWAYS💞

What do you choose? 

You can heal it all. 

You can breakthrough.

Trust your heart. 

Love you!

Arianna 🌹

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