I woke up this morning feeling sick, I could feel the churning of collective emotions being bought up on our planet, stirring in my gut, and what I could feel resting on my heart-mind to share with you today …

It’s all CONNECTED. 

the majority of our food choices-habits are emotional, unless the body has been purified through a cellular clearing process 

I know many are experiencing big food comfort, emotional habits and it ends up being an escape from feeling, I know lovely, because I was here for 20 years! 

And, I want you to know, food can be easy simply and FREEDOM, not an emotional stressful stodgy trap there are powerful energetics linked to how you feel and what you eat:

🤱🏻How can I love and nurture myself more? 🥖shows up as wanting to eat soft squidgy foods like bread tofu cake pizza pasta cheese 

😥What’s stressing you out? 🥨shows up as wanting crunchy foods, the bite of that crunch feels like a de-stressor, you hear-Get-Your-Teeth into it, corn chips crackers biscuits crisps poppadoms

💃🏻Where do I need to be more open and flow in my life? 🧀shows up as need/want/crave salt, salt impacts your water-electrolyte balance impacting your outer life flow and flexibility 

💓Do I need more fun and joy in my life? 🍫shows up as sugary foods coming in to comfort this part of you

Food choices always come back to 2 things;

💛Emotional trigger, often unconscious, stored in our cellular memory as an imprint 

🍋Need to cellular cleanse and detox the body, whilst setting a foundation, so to not revert back to old habits and emotional tendencies with food, we clear all emotional imprints via this process – SO FREE, right here!

What you resist will persist! when the body is properly CELL cleansed de-toxed within, the dropping away of cravings attachments habits emotional eating weight is effortless, really Love! it’s possible! it’s LIBERATION

I know you may think, yeah whatever! Sure, because we’ve been hardwired to believe it’s hard to change its hard to get the results we want in results we want in our body it’s hard, well I challenge empower and encourage you TODAY to see it differently …

Easy is right. 

Hard is a lie.

If it’s feeling hard, 

change direction. 

Decide it’s going to be easier!

Seek the truth. 

Drop the ego that thinks,

it knows everything about food health detox…

me for so long, until I chose to open up to more…

there is much more to this then most reveal.

Be open.

It’s right here. 

Ease is the way. 

Call in the magic of change and ease into your life, stay open to the new perspectives and let it challenge you to take new action, here you’ll see new results, the results you crave. Be Free.

🥥Yes you can eat whatever you want, EVEN sugar and it be healthy 

🥭Yes food can be easy, EVEN if it’s always felt hard for so long

👗Yes you can feel light flexible vibrant healthy confident and at peace with YOUR body, EATING what you love

🔥Yes emotional/comfort eating can be let go of, WITHOUT giving up what you enjoy eating

there is ALWAYS a way Beauty! choose wisely.

You can do it! I am with you.

Love you!❤️


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