In my 20’s I struggled with my weight, I got to an all time high for me at 11.7 stone, this was my heaviest, I felt very uncomfortable in my skin, emotional, stressed, food was a comfort

At the time I was in a codependent toxic relationship, I was eating ‘healthy’ home cooked food, and couldn’t go without my caffeine and sugar fix throughout the day

I spent years in this cycle of a fluctuating body shape, slim to podgy round and round, what I didn’t get was that I was eating ‘healthy’, what you hear to be healthy, but I didn’t feel it inside 

I did find a way! I overcame this frustrating cycle, how? 

I came to understand my hormones were struggling to function, adrenals were burnt out from stimulants, digestion depleted from acidic food, liver and kidneys overloaded …

So, What did this REALLY mean? my body was holding ALOT of stored cellular toxicity, it was only when I cleaned out that mucus and acid that my body finally sustained the shape I wanted and the body peace I wanted to feel 

If you’re in this place now lovely, know there is a way, but it requires a new way to get there, it means letting go of what you think you know is healthy and pressing RESET!

I spent 4+ years studying to understand 85% of what I’d been taught was nonsense, so I went on my own further 7yr inquiry to find out truth on this food weight sustainability thing 

🍳the fat claims

🥩the protein claims

💊the supplement claims

🏋🏼‍♀️the exercise claims

🥤the slimming pills shakes claims

🥓the fad diet claims

It’s all a lot of nonsense.

🫐the fruit sugar truth

🌬the fasting truth

🔥the cellular purification truth

🥗the mucus free truth

💧the clearing the way truth

🥞the eating what you love truth

THIS is where it’s at, and where you’ll stabilise your body bliss results. 

I can guarantee it Beauty!

come back to truth in this body lovely x

Holding this space❤️

Reach to with any questions you have about your health journey and getting the results you want🌷

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