Earth Mother blessings darlings💕 how we have allowed such toxicity into this Goddess temple called home… this body as this sacred earth, has been taken for granted abused numbed suppressed masked

So on this day, I invite into my world of embodying living walking the heaven earth you dream, being it within, this is where we remember Earth as paradise Garden

Yes there has been much distraction dear one, and now in this moment you can reclaim that soul sovereignty and take charge of your wellbeing – conscious INTENTION is everything here now

No longer allowing the acid into your body, the killing of innocent animals that feel like we feel, there is no judgement, just truth realness, the release of addictive habits for food flavours tastes that can be let go of

Fat & salt has been an agended mix by the food industry for many moons, to feed the dopamine pathways in the brain to keep us coming back for more, it’s a reward pathway, the same pathway as cocaine, flavour drugging into a coma state

the path we walk… is to remember this body temple is God’s home, to remember the light within, to remember suffering is not the story we choose, to remember ease peace joy freedom is truth in this body – Love Heals all – and starts with self-love self-respect self-acceptance

It means; TUNING back into you, turning off the TV burning the newspapers not going back to the doctors surgery, being deeply mindful of what you are feeding your thoughts body emotions, be present

RE-MEMBERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE ♥️listen to your soul Sistar, to your drum beat, not the noise out there

Go within. 

You know really.

It means; 

🌍Self-Acceptance, to move forward, you have come so far, you are coming home now

🌍Feeling, no longer ignore the call of your body, we ignore our body we ignore our earth, abusing the little girl within, it’s time to heal play and embrace that fearless heart inside you 

🌍Hold yourself in divine love, imagine divine love pouring through your body, feel it flow through you, around you, as you, out to all 

Divine mama love❤️

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