Until I truly purified my body I didn’t realise how much I had been suppressing parts of myself with what I thought to be healthy foods …

☕️when I started to take away the stimulants

🍳when I started to clear out the acidic foods

🥭when I started to eat more juicy sweet fruit 

🍊when I started to drink fresh fruit juices instead of flooding my kidneys with water

🫔when I started to eat more mucus lean grains and shed the acidic ones 

🥗when I started to eat more mucus free meals than mucus meals 

🌈when I started to focus on healthy detox pathways my hormones healed fully 

then did I really start to met myself again, it’s incredible how much the wrong food fucks with your hormones your emotions your energy your weight your motivation your focus and productivity – change the food, LIBERATE you!

For decades all I wanted was to feel like I could be fully me, that I was safe to be me and to feel confident in who I was in my body in my expression in my uniqueness – and when I really did the physical clearing it was then that I felt home again, free to BE

It’s like the shift in food allowed me to shed the invisible layer protection barriers I had built around myself to feel safe, and that came from eating to feel full – filling myself up to feel full – when I felt empty yet stuffed with acidic food – which kept me stagnating in the old 

So when I shifted to a more alkaline way of living in this body, everything came together, it was clear, the haywire emotions low self-worth lack of self-love cravings anxiety stress weight fluctuations – it was the acidic food I was eating and storing, and the elimination that wasn’t happening building mucus 

As soon as I got my digestive system back up and running optimally, breaking down my food, digesting my food = digesting life, eliminating waste = eliminating the past fears insecurities – so I could move forward …

Here life flipped upside down inside out a total 360 degrees process in my body took place and finally, what I had been searching for seeking, for what felt like forever, I found, search over, home sweet home in this body of joyfully free blissfully conscious living 

Freedom anchored 

I remembered the magic of life

Bliss became my new vibration

Self-love, I finally got it. 

How about you love, what’s under all that acidic food? I have a clue … your ultimate vision, your dreams, your true True Self ready to shine shine shine

Ready to set herSelf Fully FREE🎶💃🏻👗👛🌷✈️ It’s time to spread those wings🐞lady and FLY!

Choose YOU. 

Choose LIFE.

Choose HEALTH.



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