I was either too fat too thin too this too that, I was never happy with my body, I always wanted to look like that girl or that girl, it was exhausting, comparing judging spiraling down down down to the depths of my pain shame fear insecurities, cause I never felt good enough, I numbed myself with substances alcohol stimulants high fat foods, I had to go there, I had to turn within myself to find peace with this body, the body I NOW love, truly love adore cherish, the love I feel for myself now is a love I have actually never felt for anything else, it’s a wholeness a completeness, a I don’t need to search or seek any longer, cause I am home in myself, and why I continue to cellular cleanse and support my body, after so much abuse she needs a lot of care – this body isn’t a one-off, it’s a daily taking care and nourishing to remember this bliss beauty bounty of life, this has been the greatest journey of all, to come home, to feel home, to know I am home, I belong, and so do you, and this journey is here for us all, to say yes to this body of love of freedom of peace, to say yes to, to do what it takes and never give up on you, cause you, you are precious dear one, and YOU at your best brightest most courageous and confident is EXACTLY what is needed right now, so, the question is, do you answer the call to come home … to YOU my beauty? 

you are the love. love is your connective tissue, it makes this body, you are woven of love, so really what we do here at The Body Awakening programs is re-awaken that love in every cell of your being, and yes, love heals all

…what I discovered is to heal this physical body, it’s the way of self-love, you finally see through the lies of medicine and beyond into nature’s pharmacy, only you can say YES to you, and when you do-TRULY, you will KNOW you can no longer bypass the physical cleansing of this temple, so the second question is, do you say YES to finding peace with your body now lovely?

I love you!❤️AA

PS. When you learn how easy it can be, it simply becomes an effortless part of your life, that keeps you balanced, clear and energised. 

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