Beautiful, do you wonder why you’re eating more fruits veggies even raw, maybe even gone vegan or plant based, but still not feeling alive energized clear? there is a clear reason … here it is 

there have been many distractions out their dear one, when it comes to your health your body the way YOU FEEL, THIS matters, YOU matter, YOUR well-being is most important 

Since riding this wave myself for over a decade, 3/4 years ago I saw through it all, the food industry medical industry supplement industry, all fear based and lies to keep humanity trapped and asleep to the struggle – 

ITS A LIE, LIFE in your body is for LOVING, you are the gateway to your happiness and joy

Truth is, that vision you have, those feelings you want to feel, YOU CAN, that energy clarity peace confidence, the ease to let go and flow, to know BLISS is real, YES!

I was shown a NEW direction in this body, that did not entail blood testing hormone testing pots of vitamins and minerals fake detoxes fad diets or the lie of medication, I came home, to natures magnificence and healing power

Know this, that boundless energy balance calm ease WELL-BEING you seek, it’s IN YOU, it’s just been pushed down forgotten layered by toxicity, it’s gone nowhere, YOU HOLD THE KEY and the power to make the SHIFT now 

All those challenges, I hear you, I’ve been here too, and had many moments of ‘oh this must be it then’, but NO, deep inside me turned churned woke up from a deep sleep – I heard my SOUL, I tuned into my HEART – I LISTENED

It’s day 7/30, after breaking a LDF yesterday I released more liver stones mucus small parasites and something quite galactic looking in my enema, there’s always more (life keeps giving, energy is infinite) AND there’s always a way through … TRUST … big energy shifts as you clear the way, ALIVENESS rises up in you!

If I had stayed on the so called ‘normal route’, so called ‘comfortable route’ which I did for a long while, I’d still be sick, some call me extreme, I call it truth, radical self-love self respect and not giving up

Are you saying YES to being fearless in the face of adversity? to pushing all the boundaries of nutrition and going deep into this body to KNOW truth and REALLY LIVE

I know you feel the call, the call to do it differently, but you’re scared, actually you’re not, your soul is all in, let’s do it, but the ego is freaking out, like mine did when I said yes to another 30 day fast, here’s the BREAKTHROUGH, saying YES to SOUL … breath deep and know all is well 

the question is, will you hand over your freedom to a voice that is holding you back, or will you boldly courageously step up for your life-force, and say fuck it, I’m all in?! 

I love you!❤️

You get to decide, be wise Wildflower🌼

PS. Live today on YouTube with Episode 13 April Spring Cleanse special 12noon UK, replay will be up at Arianna Aunon Health Goddess YouTube if you miss us live😘

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