Hey wildflower, do you trust yourself? do you trust your inner knowing? do you trust your body and what it’s feeling? do you trust your decisions? this is EVERYTHING!

I told a dear friend I was going into a deep cleanse last week, and I received a message back saying “why, she’s so pure and light, why is she doing another cleanse” 

And I felt this, I know I am pure divine light, and that I don’t have to do this 30 day cleanse, my health is great, I feel bright clear enegized and vibrant, at total peace in my body …

…but, I do what I do and continue to do it, not always 30 days I often just do 3,7,10 day mini cleanses, and this with my solid nutrition foundation keeps me fully embodied and joyous in this body, but when my soul calls I listen, and I boldly chose to step into the opportunity for more growth mentally emotionally and spiritually

Food is a huge trigger for so many, as it’s such a comfort, it’s such an escape, it’s such an attachment, most people don’t realize the power of what they put in their body daily is moulding their reality their mood their thoughts their actions their behaviour their attitude their openness their creativity their energy their hormone health their love their relationships – nutrition impacts EVERYTHING!

I felt the projection of fear onto me, and honestly there was a moment when I thought, “oh what am I doing, maybe I’ll stop this at 14 days” how quickly someone else’s stuff can impact your truth, your commitment to YOU … and why ONLY YOU KNOW, you must stand in your TRUTH firmly, you know what you’re doing, you know what your soul is saying to you 

BUT, are you LISTENING wildflower? are you listening to her call to heal reset awaken? Trust your inner voice … THATS your truth, that’s your way to creating the world you want! Not listening to the fears of others, I stand with you!

I had to learn to trust myself, I had to remember I am safe to trust my INNER voice, yes it’s real 

Photos: The Body Awakening Ibiza Retreat & The Body Awakening Kitchen🌿

yes it’s truth yes it’s safe, I had to eject and erase false software in my human temple technology that told me I must look outside myself for answers, and I installed a new program that I have all the answers WITHIN me, and the external seeking ended

YOUR body knows, you have ALWAYS known, and will always KNOW exactly what you need to do, as long as you stay true to your inner voice and not the voice of others, YOU ARE FREE to fly!

You are strong.

You are capable.

You have totally 1000% GOT THIS!

Now BlossOMing Beauty, dance to the beat of your OWN drum🥁💃🏻🫐🌼


Love you!💛

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