This Beauty is my Sister, she has been such a blessing on my journey, yep she’s triggered me
pushed me held me loved, we’ve hit each other with skipping ropes and tap shoes, screamed at
each other, she has been a great teacher for me and continues to be, I love darling SiStar⭐
the judgement
the comparison
the bitching

It’s all just deep wounds that we all hold within our cellular memory, it’s not who we are at our
core, know these wounds are just memories of situations
for me it was the judgement of my self-expression as a young girl that stored the belief I’m too
much to I speak my truth, so play small and stay safe and don’t rock anyone’s boat
or, the bitchiness was a protection, a wall around my heart, for the fear of what it would mean to
really let my sister into my heart to hold me hear me, oh no, I had to look strong stay in control.

I couldn’t feel my emotions, that’s weak, really it was about opening my heart to more of me
the comparison, so much jealousy, so much self loathing self-hate, fear of each other’s beauty,
as we simply forgot, we are all just divine reflections of each other, drinking, eating, watching
the forgetfulness poisons

How did we heal our relationship? It’s never about healing the relationship with another,
it’s about healing deeper parts of you.
It’s never external, it’s internal.

It’s been a radical journey of self-love and self-acceptance, I committed to this journey many
years ago, because I couldn’t handle living a half life, battling myself and my sisters, feeling less
than, wallowing in victim consciousness, when deep within I knew I was here to experience
more in my body and Self,
and I bet you can admit to this to –
if you’re honest with YOU
…and from now embodying the healing and shifts yes I am, and yes you are, we are all here to
live free confident healthy happy and clear, standing sovereign and standing strong,
powerhouses of liberation for all humanity, it all starts inside the body of wo-man, you are
important precious powerful and needed exactly as you are!
You are enough
You are seen heard understood
You are beautiful

You are safe to drop the scales of darkness from your eyes, the barriers from your mind and the
walls from heartYou are safe to open up
You are safe to be feminine
You are safe to be all of you
You are safe to speak your truth
You are safe to shine around your sisters
You are safe to be powerful

Are you ready, Sovereign sister – to take a stand for your truth, and stand strong and rise side
by side?

An antidote to this healing journey is coming together in collaboration to express heal detox
dance release reset and awaken, so me and my sister will be holding The Sovereign Sister

Standing Strong Retreat 2021 – the year of freedom, where you will dive deep into Self into
Feeling into your Body and heal it all and remember the total liberation excitement aliveness- in
your authentic being!

If you want to get on the waiting list and find out more- DM us, and check out my sister over