l had a colonic. When did you last have yours?

Last night I got the nudge, it was time, my body wisdom was speaking to me, as I went to bed and closed my eyes, I had this fear come over me, I saw a huge dark energetically very heavy energy, vision of a snake in my third eye 

…don’t be afraid to face your own shit! It needs to happen to move forward! 

Your gut has emotional trigger points, and you can experience emotions out of the blue or constant emotional battles when the gut is stagnant toxic, needing a detox, when the gut is clear clean, so are you, so within-so without 

I’ve been eating the healthiest most alkaline I ever have for the last 2/3 years, and today, showed me the result, SO MUCH cleared from my gut, yes it was the snake I had seen and feared, all that old energy e-motions energy in motion clearing from me🌸blissful!

…food can be so misunderstood to what it’s actual purpose is; it’s energy and depending on what you eat will depend on how you feel heal grow transform and awaken into more of the true You

…just eating healthy is one part, putting healthy food in is great, but if it’s being layered on top of decades of backed up waste in your gut, it’s not going to do much good, other than ferment and lead to weight gain exhaustion emotional eating anxiety depression stress, feeling urgh!

…and going to the doctors cause you feel off, is a waste of time, your symptoms are a stagnant gut full of acid mucus parasites and decades of harden poo matter, that cause dis-ease anxiety fear and feeling out of body

no medication can do anything, just make you feel like you’re going mad cause it does nothing- and then you’re called crazy and a hypochondriac, just take more! 

fuck off I say! let’s share truth and be real and honest with this body, the shit has to go! then healing naturally happens as you clear within 

So, the Beauty is when we eat to support this body, it softens everything within, and even softens you into your heart-space out of ego, and then when you go for a colonic, the body is prepared and ready to let go of the past the old, release all that fear and insecurities and come home some more to who you REALLY are .

No longer run by the buildup of shit fear insecurities in your gut, you get to experience a life of joy bliss freedom energised light sexy and bright, heal the root, heal it all Gorgeous!

…there’s always a way, and it’s through cellular detoxing your gut and healing you home to truth of inner peace in your body temple that is ALWAYS nudging you to LISTEN. 

So, it’s all always a choice, to listen and take sacred action on your happiness peace and freedom, Or, ignore and stay where you are, no ones holding you back other than yourself

Courageous Woman, take action on you today, you are beyond worthy of it all, Claim it NOW. 

love you! 

Arianna Health Goddess❤️