Plants have taught me so much, they’ve taught me there is nothing we can’t heal, they’ve healed me of so much dis-ease, the incurable to the healthcare agenda, there’s no label, there’s only obstruction, remove with what nature has provided us, get out of your own way, burn the beliefs limitations and voices of doctors talking bs, and tune back into your sacred truth … 

Enjoy this self-love smoothie, start healing with the power of plants🌱

✨all organic, pure medicine for the soul✨

🍌2 Bananas 

🥭Half a mango

🌿Inch Chunk of fresh aloe gel off plant

🍎1 cup Raw apple purée (from cold-pressed apple juicing)

🍁1 tbsp Maple syrup

🥥1 cup coconut water

Benefits …

Soothes heals & regenerates the gut 

Supports hormone and emotional balance 

Healthy weight-loss

Aloe & Maple support pineal decalcification & protect you from radiation!!

Maintenance of ideal body shape 

Energy booster

Cleanse the ego with coconut water 

Sugar craving dissolver 

Power & confidence Solar Plexus activator

Head clearer and uplifter

Skin radiance booster – pure light elixir 

Immune modulator

Adrenal nourisher (stress reducer and happy hormone booster)

Cellular healing & protection 

the power is in the plants 

always has been 

always will be 

heal it all x

whatever is going on love, it’s healable with nature🌿 and why I created the The Body Awakening Method, the plant’s know, trust life, anchor in, ground down, follow your heart🌿