this morning I felt my inner child so playful alive free in her being, that little girl who lives within us all, needing love play creativity and care, she was giggling away, a sense of next level freedom flowing through me

I had so many layers to peel away, to allowing myself to come home to my authentic truth, I would be lying if I said it was easy, it wasn’t, but to come home to me, to living true, there’s nothing more precious, it’s made me who I am today

the more I release, the more I soften, the more I see everything as utterly perfect, what is and where it is, there is no rush, after my trauma running me for decades, the healing has been so incredibly freeing

allowing our inner child to be loved taken care of nourished, to be in her joy, it’s core solar plexus awakening, healing the digestive system, to eliminate digest and move forward in life (a healthy clean gut holds the secrets to so much emotional liberation!)

and it’s root, belonging, safe to be you in your magic in your authenticity, it’s intestinal healing, to truly heal our root chakra, inner child, traumas, hormones and find the balance, it’s a process of regenerating to heal cell deep (the trillions of cells that make you)

and it’s heart healing, the journey of self-acceptance and unconditional love and forgiveness

everything I speak to here we cover in our Bespoke 1on1 Body Awakening Reset programs💋

Is the diet working? are you truly feeling vibrantly well, at peace in you? are you ready to bin the toxic medication? shed the weight? what’s your body showing you today darling woman?

Shine like the star you are Beautiful⭐️

Now is your time. 

love you❤️

Arianna x

aka Health Goddess🌿

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