Those witches, were women, like you and me, powerful sensual sexual women in tune with natures cycles, who knew herbs and plants heal the body

I grew up in Devon, it was here the last women and children in England were hung and burnt in early 1700 for using plants to heal

fear dread powerlessness is stored in the cellular memory-I will be killed banished hung an outcast, seen as different

let’s burn the system
of lies Goddess women

see it in that unconscious part of you, that’s running 95% of your life, bring your powerful light to it, dissolve it right now

Anchor into your power
know your truth
know your body
love your body
embrace your feminine power
choose nature as your healer

It’s another agenda way back then
to program humanity to think
doctors are the way
medication is the way
organ removal is the way
…this is over now.

You are a powerful sensual awakened natural women, a Goddess women does not put chemicals in her body any longer

she remembers her power to heal herself with plants foods herbs, is freedom is safe is truth

you know there’s always been a way to heal naturally, deep within you you hold those body wisdom plant codes, you are a women that knows she is here for Bliss

To all the women! Let’s rise! Be uniquely you, roll about in the garden in the earth when you can, feel mother, feel your divinity, remember your sensual healthy alive nature – that is, Goddess 🌸

🌿3 steps to ignite your powerful HEALTH🌿

– Heal the digestion kidney adrenals and liver by alkalising & healing the inner terrain
– Remove all obstruction; parasites are huge here & so is acidosis
– ReSet the solar plexus centre of power authenticity confidence inner peace healthy energy and weight with plants detox frequency & affirmation

Arianna ♥️