Feeling utterly blessed right now
Peru has been such magic for my soul
Community vulnerability healing

Our precious land
Sacred land
we are all so responsible for

She has shown me so much
She has taught me even more

Nature is my bliss
Nature is where I put all my trust
Nature has always been my getaway and reconnect, and this near 2 weeks in Peru has been a beautiful home coming back to more truth more healing more awakening more bliss

And it’s been super uncomfortable
I was afraid
I had a lot of fear
I got super real with myself, with so much

Some deep deep trauma came up
Something that had come up before,
actually over a year a go
I decided to ignore it
not to face it
I couldn’t understand it
I didn’t want to understand it
I didn’t want to believe it

I now see how it’s blocked so much in my life
I made everything so much harder from not facing it – from not witnessing it

…forgiving and allowing myself to move on,
to be more of me, has been deeply nourishing and loving

I allowed myself to see my vulnerability as a superpower, we all have it, and in this space there is a profounding unfolding of truth

We all have it
We can all heal
You can heal it all

I’ve rested so much
I’ve been so gentle and loving on myself
I’ve cared for myself like the Goddess I am

As the Goddess you are 👸🏻

We are here to tend to our inner garden

So we can create the beauty
of blossom everywhere

This all starts from the inside

From here you get to thrive to the highest heights and fully surrender into our femininity

the sacredness of our feminine body
and being – of purity 🌈

Thank you Peru! Thank you to all the sacred beautiful magical God’s and Goddess’s, now family, I love you all so much ❤️

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