S E L F – L O V E in that precious body …

Hey Beauty!

I wanted to write to you here, as someone who always felt like she had to be the best prove herself keep up to be accepted, it’s so interesting to see how this played out in my relationships’s business and health

I spent so much of my life doing it for another to make them happy, to please, but forgot about me, I just bottled it all up, thought this is what I had to do to be liked to be loved 

Then I went through a massive awakening, it was never about proving myself but improvement for me to make me happy

to grow to learn to implement to embody to rise, and to learn to accept myself and love myself 

YOU GET TO CELEBRATE YOUR FEMININE BODY, and enjoy her like a cosy peaceful home 

and, you get to love yourself deeply truly completely … and that’s the TRUTH … love baby! love you first … and everything shifts 

After much inner work, facing my fears, doubts attachments, clearing out decades of acidic food and pills

I came to a resolve that I am so important, that the way I feel is so important, and that I can also give to myself … and you can also be selfless and take care of you first

this wild ride allowed me to learn deeper layers of self-love, to remember we must put our well-being first, and not distract and ignore addressing our own stuff


You get to put you first. 

So, what’s different for you today lovely? 

Love you!❤️

Arianna x

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