the most beautiful practice we can ever embody as a woman is self-love

my first Ayahuasca ceremony was in Denmark of 2018, the winter solstice, Grandmother told me, your journey is one of self-love, you are here to love yourself

I then went on the biggest ride of my life over the last few years, to truly coming home to loving me

I had to let so much drop away; that we need to seek love outside of ourselves, we need to be a good girl to be loved, accepted, we need to over-give to be loved, we need to please to be loved, we need to fit in to be loved, we need to say the right thing to be loved

guess what love! we don’t. The love you seek is inside you, this is true love, when I really understood this, and I didn’t until I started to clear my body out of everything that was telling me otherwise, the mucus and parasites were two big ones

until I got real about what was living in my body, and when I decided to face it, then I also at the same time chose to breakthrough, and love myself, I started to wake up to the truth heaven on earth is available now, and it starts with true health, no more bypassing the real inner work 

It’s becoming aware of the resistance, the resistance to even look at what’s inside you, so few talk about the truth of this body and what real detox is, most are merely scraping the surface

we are here to live 

In Goddess Garden🌹 

where you live in a body that feels 

so light at peace free and clear, 

This is the truth love.

I have never been about surface level, I’m a mermaid, we can’t bear surface level living, we love going deep and rising to our highest potential (emoji a mermaid in the comments if you’re a mermaid too? x let me know where my sistArs are at!)

a Goddess doesn’t leave all that rotting waste in her colon, or let those parasites feed of her, she takes action to heal nourish awaken and be her best self and live true to her SOUL

Your body 

is your greatest freedom gateway

the greatest gift you can give you, 

is to remember you are a Goddess, 

perfect in all your Youness

Oh so divine so beautiful so pure

love yourself

Love you❤️