I took my body for granted for years
now she is my most precious possession
more than a house, she is my home
more than anything,
without a healthy true home,
there is nothing

I will do anything for her, anything,
even if I’m scared afraid fearful …
I won’t let that stop me,

a sick body doesn’t go straight from sick to healed, there is a process
and why so many people never fully heal their body

we have to go through feeling it
to release it
and know feeling is safe
this is how it works
this is how the body heals

To many are like,
just eat this and take this supplement
and you’ll heal,
the body has to release the cause
and here’s where we heal,
completely, and get to really experience how amazing we are here to feel in this human body paradise,

it’s like anything
half the action
You get half the results

We are not here to
BE half a life
We are here to
BE a full life

1% of the 1%
just like in business
the same in health

Are you someone who truly wants to live at their highest frequency?

who truly believes their health impacts every area of their life …
who truly knows to rise we must keep healing and clearing …
who knows that health must be a priority if you really want to live at the highest frequency as the best version of you?

I live in this 1%, from so much suffering in this body – to liberated living paradise,
if I can do it,
so can you,

Are you joining me, or staying in the realm of struggle and suffering with most of humanity?

what reality do you choose for yourself?

this physical body can heal anything
but we have to give it
the clean environment
to be able to heal

Cleaning the …
Digestive system
Endocrine glands
… physically
…and here we turn all suffering around,

any kind of symptoms that are bothering you, is suffering, we’re not here to suffer,

We are all here to live in a liberated healthy free body?

Decide, and let it be your truth.

It firstly requires;
1. you choosing and deciding and then OWNING that vibrant liberated high vibrational health is what you want for yourself
2. then having a daily understanding around what food and thought (frequency) you are putting in your body (plants are always best, the mucus free type are the liberators and thoughts of gratitude appreciation and love speed up healing)
3. then making sure the food you are eating is supporting all your elimination pathways to cleanse and eliminate toxins effortlessly so to heal the root cause

Health like anything in life – is a choice.

I chose to struggle for years doing it alone, trying to work it all out,
failing over and over and over again,

Feeling supported and heard is what breeds rapid transformation,
with the right support
we rise!

Do you want to fully embrace all of your life opportunities and potential?

With so much love,
take action on your precious body and life for you, all those around you and our planet! becuase it’s our inner suffering that is creating more pain on this planet,

It all starts inside The Body.

waiting …
the day never comes
it’s that day right now
it’s your time right now
to rise and live free

I’ve put together a powerful body healing 30 day plant food planner, its my personal planner that’s healed brain fog, stress, infections, sluggishness, chaotic hormones, anxiety, low self-esteem, weight imbalances,
and allowed me to rise into boundless energy, clarity, focus, presence, liberation, the best health of my life, and I’m sharing with you,

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Love you!

Arianna x

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