Firstly Vibrant healthy clear light New Year blessings to you!

What exciting times we are truly in … what matters now more than ever is our well-being, the health of our body on all levels physical emotional mental spiritual, all is one.

I wanted to write to you during this Epiphany moment, yesterday was a day of revelation insight AHA, What was yours? What has 2020 awoken for you? What is your dream for 2021?

Mine was … that I am safe to be who I am no masks no pretending, I am not wrong to be different, uniqueness is why we are here, God made us all so perfect and magical in our own special ways – the world needs us as we are, not pretending to be what society says or a magazine says or a family member says, or whoever or whatever says  …

How are you feeling your body Beautiful? 

I’m currently in a cellular liver cleanse and reset process, did you know that your liver is the centre of your heart and mind, and why the cleaning of the liver is an absolute must for health, for really feeling embodied in yourself and alive, clear focused peaceful in your mind and energised joyful and confident in your body.

Nature is always my greatest teacher and I want to share some insights the plants trees birds insects soil flowers wood have shared with me recently, stillness, the still-point within you of grace, this is the piece of the moment, to not get swayed by the drama playing out in the world, because that’s all it is, a script, you can write your own, one of love not fear one of trust not doubt one of liberation not stagnation one of beauty not pain one of health not dis-ease 

And this stillness within can be accessed awoken by letting your liver live, I abused mine in the past with so much alcohol drugs toxic unhealthy food, and emotions I didn’t address but suppressed, I see now how so much of the dis-ease we feel in this body is due to unaddressed emotions, the liver for example holds anger frustration rage, when not addressed felt and healed leads to inferiority complex or superiority complex scattered thinking hormonal imbalances exhaustion weight gain a fear of opening to love and trusting your inner self, the liver holds your power authenticity, it filters cleans life, your blood, everything starts with clean alkalized blood life flow, plants cellular healing detox regeneration cleansing are our sacred tools here

The body is so fascinating, how when we go in there and stop hiding or pretending we’re ok, stop projecting onto others our own stuff, as we start to release one of the biggest programs out there which is denial, we come home to the truth the honesty the realness of this human-divine-life, and it’s in the cleaning of the detox pathways that we get to access the true-Self and here the bliss is remembered, life is remembered as SACRED, a gift

We were born high born blissful, its remembering this again, its remembering to trust life to trust each other because we are one consciousness, we’re never fighting anyone but our-self – 

it’s now the awakening of a New Earth of unity, a coming together, know feel trust its happening, choose you choose love choose light choose the rebirth ..

The body truly is the doorway to freedom, no freedom has ever really started outside anyone, thats a folly, the truth is true freedom where you feel fully you and safe to be you and trust who you are and your sacred mission on this planet is the real story, the story of love of joy of health of feeling so deeply at peace in your being-ness, that the outside life can go on with all its dramas, but you tap into a new space within a light that guides you to your truth of love of health of aliveness and purity as the darling heart you are 

Now is the time of the feminine rising, can you feel her, can you feel the New Earth calling you, can you feel her calling you home, home to your heart, through a clean cleansed purified body and deeply loving our liver, life becomes easier clearer calmer, freedom – and beauty unfolds.

What’s coming up …

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May you walk in Beauty 

So much love,